Benefit Plan Administration Customer Success Story

Benefit Plan Administration of WI Inc: Customer Success Case Study


Benefits Plan Administration Chooses RingCentral Office to Migrate to the Cloud, improving overall call quality and providing remote work opportunities while also obeying compliance regulations in finance and healthcare



Benefit Plan Administration sought a way to make and receive calls & faxes off-site for employees working from home, while also improving overall call quality.   


Converged Technology Professionals helped Benefit Plan Administration successfully migrate to RingCentral Office for crystal-clear call quality from remote locations. 

Summary of Benefit Plan Administration 

Benefit Plan Administration of Wisconsin (BPA) plans, establishes, and maintains tax-qualified pensions and health plans for multiemployer trust funds. Their legacy Mitel PBX system was experiencing call quality issues and work from home mandates accelerated their needs for a cloud-based solution to allow team members to work remotely. 

Core Goals & Requirements: 

  • Better call quality that included an uptime guarantee
  • Allow staff to work offsite without a productivity loss
  • Built-in security features due to HIPPA requirements 
  • Enhanced call routing and auto-attendant features 
  • Send & receive fax documents with remote employees 
  • A partner to configure the system & provide training 

“Our main focus was making and receiving calls from home while keeping that office-environment feel. The call quality had to be perfect.” 

Jackie Trad, Claims Manager
Benefit Plan Administrators 

Overcoming the Boundaries of Traditional PBX 

While Benefit Plan Administration of Wisconsin was increasingly unhappy with the call quality of their office phones, the coronavirus pandemic expedited their timetables for a cloud-based pbx. Through a referral from an IT vendor, they contacted Converged Technology Professionals directly to discuss possible solutions for greater call clarity & reliability regardless of location. 

Since BPA fell under regulatory statutes for both financial services and healthcare, a key consideration would be HIPPA compliance for employees working from home during the pandemic. Their team members also had to email sensitive claims and eligibility documents frequently, which required an encryption in PDF and password protection.  

Another aspect of BPA’s requirements were advanced call routing features that would be just as effective within their four main offices or in a work from home environment. Although they didn’t have a formal contact center, Benefit Plan Administration did have frequent inbound calls from clients and was focused on improving those experiences. 

A Hassle-Free Migration to RingCentral Office 

Given the strict privacy & security requirements of Benefit Plan Administration, Converged TechnologyRingCentral Converged Stacked Professionals recommended RingCentral, a Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader, due to their HITRUST and FINRA certifications. 

The system configuration was handled by Converged while RingCentral ported numbers and assisted with the initial deployment.  Personalized training sessions were provided by Converged to quickly bring employees up to speed on system features and functionality such as call routing, faxing and voicemail.  

All timelines were met throughout the migration process and Benefit Plan Administration especially appreciated the attention they received from the Converged team from start to finish. 

“Thanks to Converged, the training and onboarding for RingCentral were much easier than we expected,” said Jackie Trad, Office Manager of Benefit Plan Administration of WI Inc. “They exceeded our expectations throughout the process.” 

Maintaining High Service Standards Despite a Sudden Shift to Work from Home 

Team members were able to quickly adapt while working from home and were extremely satisfied with the noticeably improved call quality and reliability which they did not have with their previous legacy pbx system.    

They have also been able to easily and conveniently maintain their high levels of customer service through the simplicity of secure faxing through the RingCentral application, rather than spending timeRemote Work consuming encrypted pdf forms with password protection via email which they had previously done.  With the built-in security and privacy protocols in the RingCentral application, employees can communicate internally and externally through multiple channels with confidence. 

Benefit Plan Administration has also discovered several unexpected benefits of their cloud migration, including the analytics to quantify call volumes and calls per person providing greater insights into employee performance.  “It’s great to have that extra insight to assist with monitoring employee call performance and behavior.  That level of oversight helps keep our team accountable at all times,” shared Jackie Trad. 

Looking towards the future, Benefit Plan Administration plans to utilize many of the other included RingCentral features such as video chat, messaging, and voice to text transcription.   They now have the confidence and assurance not only with their new communications solution, but with Converged ready to help at any time as their trusted RingCentral partner. 

“Converged was super responsive to our questions. We trusted their guidance almost immediately and knew they were the partner we wanted at our side.” 

Jackie Trad, Claims Manager
Benefit Plan Administrators 


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