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Wisconsin Financial Divorce Consultancy Experiences Multiple Benefits
Moving to MiCloud Connect

Benefits of MiCloud Case Study


Frustrated with the lack of support they were receiving from their previous provider, along with a  growing number of service issues, Divorce Financial Solutions wanted to find a new partner they could trust to provide assistance and direction they needed to solve their increasing number of problematic issues.


Converged worked with Divorce Financial Solutions to migrate away from their current PBX to a hosted VoIP cloud-based phone system, MiCloud Connect by Mitel.   The cloud-based phone and unified communications system enabled them to experience 10-15% annual cost savings and achieve the stability and efficiency they needed for their business. 

Divorce Financial Solutions, a financial consulting business servicing those going through divorce, spends copious amounts of time conducting over-the-phone meetings with clients and attorneys providing guidance related to financial settlements.  

To offer the best service to their clients it is important that they utilize a phone system that provides service stability, predictable costs, and a phone support team that is responsive and easy to work with.  

Although such a scenario was ideal, Divorce Financial Solutions recognized that their current solution at the time was not meeting their expectations. The old TDS system was outdated, and they were not receiving the support needed to address the multiple service and maintenance issues that were negatively impacting their business. 

Divorce Financial Solutions Was Left with No Choice but to Look for Other Options

Divorce Financial Solutions decided to reach out to Converged Technology Professionals, a Mitel Platinum Partner who was referred by a mutual third-party IT vendor.

“After listening to Divorce Financial Solutions about the multiple frustrations they had with their current phone vendor plus the hassles associated with maintaining an onsite pbx, we suggested that they consider moving away from an onsite infrastructure to a hosted VoIP solution,” states Scott Dressel, Major Accounts Rep at Converged Technology Professionals.  

Converged provided a live demonstration of the Mitel MiCloud Connect platform and explained the benefits of a cloud-based phone solution as well as the various unified communications features that would help with workforce productivity and efficiency.

Divorce Financial Solutions liked what they saw and decided to make the move to MiCloud Connect with Converged as their Mitel Partner who would step them through the upcoming migration process.



Grant Zielinsky, Owner & President
Divorce Financial Solutions


Migrating from an Onsite Phone System to MiCloud Connect

Mitel MiCloud ConnectThe migration to the cloud began with planning sessions and meetings between Converged Technology Professionals and Divorce Financial Solutions. 

“When a customer is moving to a new phone system there are many components that require careful planning and coordination between all parties involved,” comments Trish Cottone, Project Manager at Converged Technology Professionals.  

She further explains, “For example, we need to ensure all phone numbers are ported to the new carrier and properly pre-configured in the new system, all necessary staff members need to be set up and activated with the appropriate profiles, and we need to make sure all other system configurations such as hunt groups, call routing, automated attendants,  and voicemails are ready to roll by the go-live date.”

While Converged Technology Professionals managed much of the coordination during the migration project, their active support role didn’t end at the go-live date. 

To truly ensure a smooth transition for end users, Converged provided Divorce Financial Solutions with professional onsite training to help familiarize the staff with the new phone system and its many features.  The onsite trainer was also able to address any immediate issues or necessary configuration changes that required attention.

Commenting on the transition, Grant Zielinski, Owner & President of Divorce Financial Solutions states, “Our number one goal was minimal down-time when we were going through the migration.  Converged Technology Professionals expertly handled the various transition issues enabling us to reach that goal.  They made sure we were completely satisfied before they transitioned the support hand-off to Mitel.”

Phone Service Reliability No Longer Hinders Business

The MiCloud Connect geo-redundant platform provides the much-needed stability and service continuity Divorce Financial Solutions was not receiving before. 

With the improved service, Divorce Financial Solutions is no longer hindered from conducting business with potential and existing clients due to mid-call disconnects and extended outages, sometimes lasting for entire days.  

In addition, by using a cloud-based solution for their phones, they no longer rely on local staff or support to handle their onsite pbx troubleshooting since Mitel handles all the support and maintenance such as upgrades, patches, and fixes.  



Grant Zielinsky, Owner & President
Divorce Financial Solutions


Enjoying Annual Cost Savings

Service disruptions weren’t the only challenge Divorce Financial Solutions had while utilizing their previous onsite solution.  Often there were maintenance or support issues that would incur additional unexpected costs leading to bills that were sometimes difficult to understand or explain.

“Previously, we were finding ourselves in a position where we were having to pay for unexpected expenses to keep the system running and managed properly.  Sometimes it wasn’t clear what the expenses were for which certainly didn’t help build confidence between us, our support partner and the phone vendor,” comments Grant Zielinski.

Since moving to MiCloud Connect, Divorce Financial Solutions now enjoys consistent and predictable monthly billing without unexpected surprises.  In addition, they have also experienced an annual cost savings of 10-15%.

Integrated Conference Bridges Increase Employee Productivity

Productivity with Conference BridgesPreviously Divorce Financial Solutions was using a third-party software to manage and host their conference bridge meetings since they could not rely on the quality of their existing phone service. 

Since moving to MiCloud Connect, they have been able to eliminate the third-party software and now use Mitel’s built-in conferencing solution through the Mitel Connect client which integrates with popular email platforms such as Outlook. 

Users can quickly and easily schedule and configure meetings with co-workers, potential or existing customers without having to log into separate systems.  The new streamlined process is more efficient and user productivity has increased.

With the MiCloud Connect cloud-based phone system, along with Converged Technology Professionals as their Mitel Platinum partner, Divorce Financial Solutions is now spending less time troubleshooting phone service issues, and more time assisting clients thanks to a phone and communications solution they can trust.


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