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First Federal Savings Bank:  CUSTOMER SUCCESS CASE STUDY

First Federal Savings Bank Chooses RingCentral’s Reliable Cloud Communications Platform to Compliment their Commitment to Exceptional Customer Service 

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First Federal Savings Bank prides themselves on fantastic customer service, and sought to migrate from their pbx to a reliable cloud-based solution that would simplify IT maintenance, increase collaboration capabilities for employees, and provide the stability and security necessary to maintain in their industry.   


First Federal Savings Bank moved to RingCentral Office, a cloud-based communications system that supports voice, text, conferencing, online meetings, fax, and other collaborative features within a single unified platform. RingCentral’s 99.999% uptime SLA improved reliability and eliminated any service issues that impacted customer service.  RingCentral has also achieved the highest level of HI-TRUST certification, making it a smart choice for the financial industry. 

About First Federal Savings Bank 

First Federal Savings Bank has been serving customer financial needs since 1904. Headquartered in Evansville, Indiana, First Federal operates 9 branches and offers a range of online tools for personal and business banking needs. With more than 120 employees and a highly engaged Board, First Federal relies on its communication systems to serve customers and run daily operations. 

Migrating From their PBX system to a Cloud Solution 

Secure Cloud Solution

First Federal Savings Bank reached out to Converged Technology Professionals because of concerns with its legacy pbx phone system and wanting to move to a cloud-based solution. It had proven to be difficult to program and manage in the past, making it hard to meet the high standards of customer service they demanded. 

It was also necessary to ensure the new solution would meet stringent federal and regulatory requirements for the financial intuition.  With RingCentral’s HITRUST certification and FINRA compliance, it seemed like a great initial fit for First Federal Savings Bank and their customers. In addition, RingCentral has a 99.999% SLA uptime guarantee that would solve the challenges they previously faced with connectivity issues. 

“Previously, our pbx phone system was unreliable and made it difficult to maintain our world-class customer service standards,” said Christy McBride, EVP, Chief Operations Officer & Information Security Officer at First Federal Savings Bank. “Our business is driven by a customer-first approach and we needed to find a more robust and reliable solution that would match our high standards.” 

Working with Converged Technology Professionals 

First Federal Savings Bank first discovered RingCentral’s capabilities after a board member attended a presentation by Converged Technology Professionals, a RingCentral Premier Partner.  His recommendation helped First Federal Savings Bank narrow down its options once the bank decided that a new phone provider was necessary.  

Converged Technology Professionals worked with First Federal Savings Bank to ensure all busines goals and requirements were met throughout the entire migration project from start to finish.  McBride appreciated the personalized service and attention in creating a strategy that would solve all their pain points before discussing the sales aspect- early conversations were purely need-based on discovering the right solution. This was especially refreshing since McBride had some challenges with their previous provider that weren’t being addressed properly. 

“When First Federal Savings Bank first approached us, we knew they had some challenges with their previous provider and wanted to make sure they knew what options were available for them,” shared Mark Johnson, Senior Account Representative at Converged Technology Professionals. “Our team was able to provide proper advisement that successfully guided them through the entire process. By working together, we were able to keep the project on track ensuring all the fine details were met.” 

Avoiding a COVID-19 Disruption Thanks to a Mobile-First Cloud Solution Remote Work

Another factor First Federal Savings Bank had to deal with was that they found themselves transitioning to a new communications platform amidst the most significant disruption to normal business practices in modern memory, the COVID-19 pandemic.  

With the lockdowns and work-from-home mandates, there was added pressure to execute a smooth rollout quickly.  First Federal Savings Bank’s expectations were exceeded as they were easily able to shift a portion of their workforce to working from home using RingCentral’s secure platform accessible through their mobile app installed on team members’ cell phones. 

Since training for both onsite and remote workers were not available at bank branches, employees were able to easily access online training regardless of location through the RingCentral website which helped speed user adaptability guaranteeing immediate success. 

“We were certainly concerned about deployment during a pandemic and how we’d be able to train employees on the handsets and the system when they weren’t all in the same room,” said Christy McBride.  “However, the RingCentral system was very easy to learn and our users quickly transitioned.” 

A Brighter Future with True Collaboration 

With the help of Converged Technology Professionals, First Federal Savings Bank was able to successfully migrate from their legacy pbx to the secure RingCentral cloud-based communications platform. With excellent privacy and security along with productivity-boosting communication features, the system made an immediate impact in three significant areas according to McBride: 

Simplicity: “It gave us easy setup, deployment, and high-quality technical support.”

Reliability: “We now have amazing call quality, and the uptime is phenomenal!” 

Functionality: “We love that the ability to set up conference bridges within RingCentral increases efficiency and allows us to eliminate an additional expense for a 3rd party system.” 

One of the favorite features for First Federal Savings Bank employees was the ability to easily set up their own conference call bridges for meetings. Previously, users had to use a third-party platform to set up and configure those meetings, which required the help of an administrator. The simplicity of a unified solution has made a big difference for speaking with customers and conducting internal meetings. 

Another benefit they are enjoying since moving to RingCentral is the voicemail to text transcription. Instead of dialing into their voicemails to listen to missed messages, their team can easily scan through the transcription which is sent via email.  This saves time and makes it easy to check voicemail from any device at any time.  

RingCentral now gives First Federal Savings Bank a reliable and secure phone system that makes it easier to service customers. Employees can easily answer calls from anywhere on any device, seamlessly transferring calls between devices as they move from office to home or another branch. 

In response to the increased efficiency, business continuity, and the overall migration process, McBride couldn’t be happier stating, “We are very pleased with our transition to the new system.  It was seamless. We were able to unplug our old phones, plug in the new phones, and within a minute or so, we had moved to a high-quality system. We have been very happy with our decision to move to RingCentral and appreciate the value Converged brought to the table as a partner with their advice and ongoing support.”  





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