KINEX Customer Success Story

KINEX: Customer Success Case Study

KINEX Medical’s Growth Leads Them to Move to RingCentral Contact Center with the Aid of Converged Technology Professionals 



During a time of expansion, KINEX wanted to implement contact center functionality to address the operational needs of their customer service department in order to better assist their customers.   Their legacy Mitel PBX prevented them from easily overcoming these challenges without additional complexity and added expense. 


With the help of Converged Technology Professionals, KINEX was able to implement short term work arounds to the Mitel deployment, while simultaneously planning and implementing a migration to RingCentral’s cloud-based contact center.  

Summary of KINEX 

KINEX is an orthopedic specialty medical equipment company that manufactures innovative post-op tele-rehabilitation products. Working alongside physicians, insurance providers and healthcare systems, skilled staff members are committed to delivering premium customer support and care through educational offerings along with fitting and delivery services for injured or rehabilitating patients.  Out of 400 employees, 160 are currently RingCentral users dispersed between headquarters and their customer service branches located in Tennessee. 


KINEX was using a 10-year-old legacy Mitel/ShoreTel PBX system to manage their inbound and outbound communications. However, as their company began to expand operations and open new branches to service more clients, their IT Director, Paul Jebe, began searching for ways to use their existing Mitel PBX to accommodate the growing need for contact center functionality.

Frustrated with the lack of support from their then-current partner, Paul searched online and discovered Converged Technology Professionals who had an office near their Waukesha, WI headquarters. 

KINEX OfficeWhen Paul first spoke with us, it became apparent that their level of expertise with contact center deployments and their understanding of their current Mitel PBX greatly surpassed that of his current support partner.
Paul elaborates on his experience stating, “I knew Converged was the right support partner for KINEX from our first phone call- they were very knowledgeable & helpful.”  




“I knew Converged was the right support partner for KINEX from our first phone call- they were very knowledgeable & helpful.”

Paul Jebe, IT Director


As conversations continued and Paul got to know the Converged Technology Professionals team through their advisory and support partnership, several short-term workarounds were deployed to their Mitel system increase the efficiency of their existing call queues.

Although we were able to help alleviate some of the challenges with their PBX, both parties agreed that to accomplish his goal for further improving customer service efficiencies, a more streamlined solution was clearly necessary for the future.  To rely on their existing legacy PBX would have been too complicated and expensive to meet future demands. 

Soon conversations began about the long-term benefits of moving to a cloud solution like RingCentral’s Contact Center platform.  After seeing a demo and evaluation, it was decided the RingCentral platform would best improve customer engagement initiatives while also simplifying the administration and overall manageability. 

Together they agreed to begin planning their migration away from their legacy communications platform. 

KINEX Converged RingCentral


Prior to moving to RingCentral Contact Center, employees who were working remotely were having calls forwarded through their personal cellular accounts because their legacy Mitel solution did not work reliably through the company VPN. Even with several added measures, it was extremely difficult to route call queues across multiple states & keep security at the necessary levels. 

To address this issue we configured RingCentral’s skill-based advanced call routing functionality to enable customers to be directly routed to the most appropriate agent who could help resolve their issues quickly and efficiently. 

KINEX also implemented RingCentral’s webchat functionality, thereby removing the need to use an additional third-party application. By using the RingCentral omnichannel built-in functionality, agents can now easily assist customers without leaving the RingCentral application.  All communications are kept secure and are monitored for quality assurance. 

Unexpected Benefits with a Cloud Based Contact Center 

Thanks to the simplified interface and Converged Technology Professionals training sessions, the staff was able to adapt to the new solution without complications.    

Users quickly discovered many additional benefits they did not previously have. For example, each user can now customize their own screen layouts and tweak their personal call routing and voicemail settings.  Employees appreciate having this level of control rather than placing the burden on the IT department to make these changes for them.

Another benefit KINEX immediately discovered was the improvement in service reliability and the crystal-clear call quality which was previously lacking. RingCentral’s 99.999% uptime SLA guarantee proved a huge benefit in contrast with their legacy PBX infrastructure. 

Additional time savings were realized with the IT team, who previously had to spend hours updating and deploying on-site system maintenance upgrades and installing new feature roll outs. Now, with their solution in the cloud, updates and new functionality are added automatically for them. Paul expresses his appreciation stating, “It’s nice to see how frequently RingCentral releases new software updates that include new features or enhancements.” 

Peace of Mind with Reliable and Secure Communications, Including Remote Workers 

With their new cloud solution, IT administrators no longer have to configure VPNs for remote workers to enable and secure telephony services.  RingCentral is HITRUST certified, ensuring full privacy and security for all communications through the cloud platform regardless of location. Team members can use the RingCentral app conveniently on their own devices, such as cell phones, tablets, or desktop while remaining completely secure. 

The benefits of working remotely have been so well received that KINEX does not have plans to return employees to the office anytime soon.  Because of this positive experience, Paul explains, “Working from home will more than likely become the norm, and not the exception.”   


Paul Jebe is glad he found Converged and appreciates the value that they have provided to KINEX. 

“Converged is a real partner. They not only provided consultation from the start, but they made sure everything was running on schedule and deadlines were met. It took approximately 8 months to plan and get ready for the migration, and it only took a few days to implement, deploy and train our employees. I could not have asked for a better partner to deliver such a smooth experience!”  


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