Nanosonics Customer Success Story

Nanosonics: Customer Success Case Study

Nanosonics Migration to Cloud Improves IT Management 



Due to large call volumes, Nanosonics faced increasing stability and reliability issues with their legacy on-premise phone system.   


Converged Technology Professionals implemented RingCentral Office with crystal-clear call quality & simplified IT management. 

Headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana and Sidney, Australia 

450+ Employees at 10 Branches   

About Nanosonics 

Nanosonics manufactures innovative medical solutions to prevent the transmission of potentially life-altering infections.  Their technologies continually improve standards of care for patients, staff members and healthcare facilities throughout the United States and abroad.

High Call Volumes & Reliability Issues Placed a Burden on I.T. 

With over 4,000 inbound calls per month and an average of 200+ voicemails in call queues at any given time, Nanosonics IT support specialist Wayne Holmes realized that their legacy PBX was inadequate for their business needs.  Call quality and stability problems were frequent, plus it was difficult to manage remote sales agents across several states.   

Holmes was searching for a fully secure global phone system that would eliminate these challenges, while also providing improved reporting features to better understand Nanosonics’ specific needs.  He had independently researched cloud PBX environments while working at other companies, so he had a very strong understanding of each solution’s strengths before reaching out for help.  Holmes shared that he kept coming back to RingCentral due to their excellent reliability, features and Hi-TRUST certification. 

“I knew RingCentral was a major UCaas player once I saw NFL teams migrating to their platform.  Their 99.999% global uptime and great redundancy were huge factors in our decision.”

Wayne Holmes, IT Support Specialist

Nanosonics Turned to a Trusted Partner for Guidance

Trusted Partner Holmes reached out to their current support partner, Converged Technology Professionals who was also a RingCentral Premier Partner, for additional guidance and advice. Since Converged Technology Professionals was already acutely familiar with Nanosonics’ network infrastructure, he knew their unique insights would help him make the right choice that would fit their business goals.

A true apples-to-apples comparison showed that Nanosonics could save substantial monthly costs over their current PBX platform; a breakdown of costs can be found below- 

  • Favorable calling plan saved 50% on per-minute usage 
  • Eliminating the T1 line for their legacy PBX saved $350/month 
  • Additional savings in other negotiated discounts 

Additionally, Nanosonics used part of that savings to upgrade internet bandwidth to ensure excellent call quality and connectivity on the RingCentral platform. 

“As one of the nation’s top RingCentral Premier Partners, we were able to negotiate more favorable pricing and features for Nanosonics.  Combined with their savings achieved by optimizing their network, it presents significant value moving forward,”

Scott Dressel, Senior Account Executive
Converged Technology Professionals 

Improved Call Quality, Simplified Management & Performance Metrics 

Once a decision was made to migrate to the RingCentral Office platform, implementation took approximately six weeks from the initial planning phases to going live.  Holmes and other Nanosonics team members immediately noticed a vast improvement in call quality, and also enjoyed features such as routing from the call attendant and call flip between desktop and mobile.  Other features such as fax to email and vmail to transcription are already being used frequently. 

Holmes was also impressed with the analytics included within RingCentral Office since he could directly monitor minute usage and spikes in inbound callers.  It drastically changed how calls were routed and the way customer service agents were scheduled to cover call volumes.  For instance, the metrics identified a clear need to hire an additional technical support representative since a large number of inbound calls were technical in nature.  This one insight drastically reduced the strain on agents taking calls they weren’t qualified to handle and simplified the call queue for everyone involved. 

“I was really impressed by my Technical Account Manager Nicole and how she made this transition as smooth as possible.  The whole Converged team was great to work with.”

Wayne Holmes, IT Support Specialist

Unlike their previous on-premise system, the ability to add and modify user accounts via the RingCentral platform was greatly simplified and was no longer a time-consuming and frustrating task.  Remote sales reps are also reaping the benefits through an app-based platform to call and collaborate with teammates that are not location-dependent.  The ability to manage on-site and remote agents within the same process was a major benefit. 

Nanosonics is now poised to deliver great customer service to every caller in a streamlined, efficient way.  The improved IT management capabilities from more efficient call queues, better analytics and simplified interfaces have streamlined how Nanosonics handles calls and ultimately provides service to their customers.   


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