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Shoreline Credit Union: Customer Success Case Study

Shoreline Credit Union Moves to RingCentral Office


Shoreline Credit Union


Shoreline Credit Union was experiencing call quality issues due to its aging Mitel on-premise PBX equipment that had reached end of life. They sought a path to cloud to unify their communications channels. 


Converged Technology Professionals helped Shoreline evaluate Gartner Magic Quadrant leaders in UCaaS, installed RingCentral Office with Microsoft Teams integration, and trained the Shoreline team. 

Headquartered in Two Rivers, Wisconsin

40 RingCentral users across 3 locations

About Shoreline Credit Union

Shoreline Credit Union is a not-for-profit, member-owned financial institution. It was initially formed in 1941 by a small group of employees from Hamilton Manufacturing Company of Two Rivers. As membership grew, Shoreline expanded its charter to a community basis in 1979 and now includes a second location in Manitowoc.  


Shoreline Credit Union had worked with Converged Technology Professionals since 2017 as their official Mitel partner. The on-premise system had served them well over the years, but the technology had reached end of life and Shoreline began experiencing call quality issues. Although desk phones were still utilized daily within their two local branches, a more unified system was required to meet 21st century customer service levels. 

While other providers had contacted Shoreline about a switch to cloud, they felt confident in their partnership with Converged Technology Professionals and trusted their advice. Conversations started organically about the best path forward to fix call quality issues and add modern features such as universal fax, messaging, and enhanced reporting. A cloud solution like RingCentral seemed like an ideal fit to solve these challenges. 

"Today, phone is only a fraction of how we communicate with our members. 
We need a communication platform that makes sense for modern business."  

Nathan Grossenbach, CEO
Shoreline Credit Union


After reviewing Shoreline’s communication goals and viewing custom demos from RingCentral, a decision was made to move forward. Since Shoreline did not have an internal IT team and relied heavily on Converged for guidance, one of our Technical Account Managers, Nicole, oversaw the complete migration process from start to finish. She also took an active role in ensuring best practices were followed and quickly resolved a porting issue when a few phone lines transferred incorrectly. 

Once the initial programming for RingCentral was complete, Nicole also trained Nathan and the Shoreline team on using and managing the new cloud platform. They experienced a high adoption rate almost immediately along with employee feedback stating that the new cloud PBX platform was intuitive, packed with features, and easy to manage. 

"Our younger team members took to the RingCentral platform almost immediately and
loved the modern look and feel. I love that internal chats with emojis are always
happening- even after hours."  

Nathan Grossenbach


This migration was unique since Nathan Grossenbach, Shoreline’s CEO, was going to manage the RingCentral platform himself for his team of almost 100. Through training with Nicole, he found that he could easily add new users and administrate the cloud solution on his own, plus add new call trees and other functions himself. Call quality was also crystal-clear on the new platform and Shoreline’s younger employees almost immediately embraced the modern chat functionality with emojis and other collaborative features. 

Shoreline also discovered other unexpected benefits such as: 

  • A single, unified communications platform that offered calling, messaging, text, fax, and video calling was a huge leap forward in providing fast, friendly, modern customer service 
  • Hot desking, which allows registered users to log in and out of any hard phone at either branch location with their personal extension 
  • Universal fax, where employees can save time and paper by “printing,” or pushing a document from their digital device to a print/fax machine 
  • Being able to securely use the RingCentral app from any device, at any location thanks to the included HITRUST certification 
  • Advanced call forwarding presented countless new options to collaborate with customers and internal staff members 
  • Much stronger analytics to track call volumes and other important metrics to make the Shoreline team even stronger 

Today, Shoreline Credit Union is poised for a bright future with a communication platform that promotes excellent employee engagement, great customer service, and plenty of room for growth in the future. With the company CEO confidently managing the entire platform from any device, it was a smooth implementation and a great experience with their partner in Converged.  

“At the end of this implementation, Converged asked me if they could have done anything better.
I didn’t want to answer ‘no’ because it sounds cheesy, but honestly, I don't think so."

Nathan Grossenbach


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