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Therafin Chose to Migrate to the MiVoice Connect Platform to Modernize Workplace Efficiencies with a Partner they can Trust.

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When moving to a new warehouse facility, Therafin was in need of a reliable IP phone and unified communications solution. Their need for a trustworthy partner who was able to assist with hands-on support led them to Mitel Platinum Partner, Converged Technology Professionals.


Converged worked with Therafin to migrate from their previous phone system to Mitel's MiVoice Connect PBX platform.  The new solution incorporated beneficial features that improved their ability to communicate among employees with greater speed and efficiency, and improve overall workforce productivity. The company also gained a trust-worthy and dependable support partner that continues to be a strategic partner when managing their Mitel MiVoice solution.

Since 1968 Therafin, a family-owned business has been devoted to the manufacture of custom seating systems for wheelchairs along with a wide variety of rehabilitation equipment and home care products for the handicapped.

In 2011 when Therafin was planning on moving into a new facility to accommodate their warehouse and operational needs, company management decided to use the opportunity to migrate off of their old and outdated phone system to a newer solution with easy to use communication features to improve workplace efficiency.

“We wanted a VoIP system that had a track record for success with other companies our size.  Plus, we also wanted to find a cost-effective system that came with excellent customer service,” explains Jeremy Fischer, Director of Operations at Therafin.

With these two goals, Therafin decided to enlist the help of Converged Technology Professionals, a unified communications and IT networking consulting company and a Mitel (previously ShoreTel) platinum partner.   In order to ensure a smooth transition from their former system during their move to the new facility, Converged worked with Therafin providing pre-planning consultation, implementation and deployment, and onsite training for the staff and management. 


Jeremy Fischer, Director of Operations

Greater Organization at Their Fingertips

Productivity with Conference Bridges

Unlike their previous system which used traditional POTS lines, the new Mitel IP-PBX phone and unified communications solution not only reduced phone line costs, but also included modern end-user functionality and control through the Mitel MiVoice Connect desktop client.

The desktop client is an application that is installed on the end user's computer and enables users to access many beneficial communication and telephony features from their desktop.   The client helps employees stay organized and on task with features such as visual voicemail, easy search for call history, and the ability to utilize workgroups for incoming call handling and distribution. 

In addition, the system uses digital on-hold music meaning no more dealing with physical tapes, something that previously required additional administrative oversight.

Improved workplace communications

Therafin employees need to communicate with one another regarding orders, customer inquiries or other ongoing business-pertinent information throughout the day.   One of the features that help with maintaining communication efficiency and productivity is the ability to see at a glance the phone and online presence of fellow employees.  

For example, by quickly identifying the phone status of a co-worker, an employee is able to direct their questions or communications to someone with a presence status of available.   This enables the employees to receive answers to their questions faster and with greater ease.

Silent Monitor Keeps Customer Service Levels High

Therafin is a company that relies on customer service as an important daily component to their operations.  Therefore, one of the most valued features is the ability to use the silent monitor feature for coaching and training.  

Therafin uses the silent monitor feature to enable more knowledgeable agents or managers to listen in on difficult customer calls to provide assistance as needed to the agent.  By avoiding the need to transfer the customer to a second agent, this one-touch solution gives the caller an improved customer service experience.


Jeremy Fischer, Director of Operations

A Support Partner that Provides True Value

Converged Technology Professionals

In addition to having an IP phone and communications solution that meets the goals of the company, Therafin has also found value in having a partner that they can trust to guide them through questions or challenges they may encounter.  Since Therafin does not have phone system experts on staff, they rely on Converged Technology Professionals as their partner to be their phone experts. 

Tasks such as workgroup/hunt group configurations, music-on-hold file conversions and implementations, troubleshooting, system updates or upgrades are a few examples of when Therafin contacts the support team at Converged for partner support.

Fischer explains how Converged continues to provide value to the company, “Converged Technology Professionals will not only show us what has to happen, they will log in remotely and do the configuration for us when needed.  Many companies would simply tell us what to do and leave us to figure it out.”  

He continues, “Since the 8 years of our partnership, we have always been provided on-demand support from knowledgeable and friendly staff.  We are thankful for everyone who’s been there for us along the way!”

With a partner that takes the role of their partnership to heart, and with a phone system that includes communication functionality that improves workplace efficiency and customer service for both callers and agents, Therafin can continue to focus on their core business operations with confidence knowing they are in good hands.


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