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8x8 Partners with Genesys Cloud CX for Better Collaboration

8x8 Partners with Genesys Cloud CX for Better Collaboration


Genesys and 8x8 are working together to create a product integration that combines the power of 8x8 Work and Genesys Cloud CX. It enables the premier unified cloud communications platform, 8x8, and a worldwide leader in cloud customer experience, Genesys, to allow organizations to collaborate better. Now, customer service agents can easily align with the right subject matter expert to fully engage customers and encourage loyalty. 

And because nearly every employee plays a vital part in the customer journey, enterprises need to break down silos between departments and systems to create a more unified and compelling customer experience. The new contact center integration between 8x8 and Genesys means more customers and teams can connect and engage fluidly, the better the experience for both. 

The partnership fuses the enterprise capabilities of 8x8 Work—including voice, team chat, and video meetings—with the composability of the Genesys Cloud CX platform. Enterprises will now be able to drive employee collaboration through one channel, leading to more accessible and more effective communication.   

The new platform will facilitate secure call transfers in-network to enable the contact center to hand over calls seamlessly to experts in the organization. In addition, a unified business directory that has API-driven user provisioning helps agents connect with the subject expert they need in any part of the organization to help resolve customer problems and enable real-time collaboration with one click. The integration also combines security and convenience with a single sign-on for user authentication.   

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The days when the customer contact center was sealed off from the rest of the company are now obsolete. With a combined cloud and contact center solution, organizations eliminate the barriers impacting employee and customer experience. Employees are now empowered to provide superior service and resolve customer issues with expert insights, giving people-centric companies the tools to provide exceptional experiences for customers and staff alike.  

You can find this innovative integration at the 8x8 App Store and the Genesys AppFoundry.  

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8x8 Partners with Genesys Cloud CX for Better Collaboration

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