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Benefits of Mitel's Screen Pop Capability for Connect Contact Center

Jun 05, 2018

Mitel contact center screen pops


Swami Tech Talk Series

This post provided by Chris Frey, Vice-President of Operations


We are in the age of big data and automation. We browse web pages that show us ads of things we might be interested in.  Instead of searching for news, news searches for us.  

Customers that contact businesses for sales inquiries, customer service or support also have increased expectations.  It's assumed that the agent who answers their call will be able to quickly see their account history and other relevant details.

Mitel Connect Contact Center has the ability to perform quick and fast searches from just about any browser-based application. 

The search can be based either on the caller's presented caller ID or other information the caller has previously entered such as an account number or case number. 

As soon as the agent is presented the call, a new browser window opens with the search results.

CRMs and Mitel Connect Contact Center

Most CRM's are now web-based, a departure from the older generation of thick clients.  Examples are Microsoft Dynamics Online, Salesforce, and Marketo. 

This is a great turn of events as we no longer need to involve either 3rd party applications or custom software development to take data from the PBX or contact center and then perform software-based screen pops. 

Those types of customizations have proved difficult to maintain over time as multiple sides upgrade and change.   

By contrast, the browser-based screen pops are easy to maintain and can adapt to the ever-changing CRM environments that so many businesses need to contend with.

Browser Windows Open based on Events

In addition to a customer based browser pop, we can also open browser windows when certain events occur such as when an agent logs out or goes into a not ready state. 

These windows could present the agent with real-time dashboards such as with BrightMetrics, or a warning that the agent is no longer available.

Nearly all businesses with contact centers will come to the point where they need to accomplish more with less, either due to business growth or a reduction in the workforce. 

The contact center's role in this predicament is to provide every efficiency possible via technology to allow agents to do their jobs.

Benefits of the Screen Pop

A screen pop with customer information can shorten the interaction time with the caller, resulting in better customer experiences and allows the agent to spend more time to focus on the customer request rather than the mundane task of customer record look up.

Good for the agent.

Good for the customer.

Good for the business.


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