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Bluetooth Headsets in the Contact Center: A Cautionary Tale

Bluetooth Headsets in the Contact Center A Cautionary Tale


These days, the modern contact center and Bluetooth headsets go together like oil and water; they will rarely be 100% compatible.  

We recently had a large enterprise client transition to a modern CCaaS platform with our Technical Account Manager (TAM) team overseeing the implementation and customizations. The project was highly successful and completed with a quick turnaround, and we also provided training for this client’s administrators and their customer service team.  

However, the client reached out a few weeks later, stating the whisper functionality was not working during calls. After troubleshooting, we realized there was a problem with their headsets purchased through Amazon; they were not fully compatible with their new CCaaS platform.  

In this instance, our client decided to buy off-brand Bluetooth headsets because the Amazon listing claimed that they were compatible with their UC technology. They ultimately had to return all the headsets and switch to a different brand. Keep in mind that these were nice headsets; they were not cheap, and the client initially purchased over 100 of them. However, it is important to remember that basic compatibility does not mean you’ll have full functionality. 

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Another example is that we recently had a colleague purchase the most expensive Bluetooth headset on the market, assuming it should be the best for his particular needs. The sound quality was horrible, though, because it wasn’t a certified fit for his UCaaS platform by the manufacturer.  

A handful of Bluetooth models from brands like Poly, Jabra, and others were designed specifically to work with Mitel, RingCentral, or 8x8. So, if you’re in the market for new headsets for your UC platform or contact center, start by visiting your vendor’s website and comparing all the certified options. That’s the only way you’ll know for sure. You’ll also have to consider cross-functionality if you regularly use additional technology apps like Microsoft Teams or Zoom. 

Of course, you’re always welcome to call our team for personalized recommendations, and we can order headsets and any other hardware on your behalf through our suppliers. We offer highly competitive pricing plus next-day shipping on thousands of popular headsets and contact center accessories.  

Hopefully, this cautionary tale saves you time, money, and frustration on your next enterprise headset purchase! 

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Bluetooth Headsets in the Contact Center A Cautionary Tale

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