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Bring Your Own Carrier: Bandwidth Duet℠ for RingCentral

Bring Your Own Carrier Bandwidth Duet℠ for RingCentral


For large businesses putting off a move to the cloud due to current carrier contracts, things just got a little easier thanks to Bandwidth Duet℠ for RingCentral.   

Bandwidth and RingCentral have been in partnership for approximately ten years; Bandwidth currently provides calling, messaging, phone numbers, and more. Now with Duet℠, phone capabilities come unbundled from the rest of the unified communications (UC) package, enabling corporations to adopt a modern communication platform without dealing with the changeover in voice delivery until they're ready. 

Why Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC) Matters 

Your organization needs to update outdated technology, but what do you do about your current telephony agreement?  

Whether you’re locked into an extended contract with excessive termination fees, you need to keep current phone numbers, or you're staying with your carrier for other reasons Duet℠ may be the perfect solution. 

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Value features of BYOC: 

  • Real-time failover (backup routing), rerouting, and call forwarding 

  • Expert support in navigating complex emergency and regulatory compliance standards 

  • High quality, fully IP, private cloud connection through Bandwidth 

The Benefits of Bring Your Own Carrier 

So, what does all this mean for your business? Here are a few of the many benefits of Bandwidth Duet℠ for RingCentral: 

Flexibility: Your path to the cloud is unique and should be done in a way that suits your business. Duet℠ lets you phase implementation and customize configuration at your own pace, giving the flexibility required for future scale.  

Simplicity: For large businesses, it can be daunting to move communications platforms for several reasons, especially when it comes to organizing employees, numbers, and locations. BYOC allows you to keep phone numbers and implement without number porting, taking one huge challenge out of the equation. 

Global Reach: Leverage the power of both companies' global capacities. Bandwidth’s dedicated IP voice network extends to over 60+ countries, representing approximately 90% of the world’s GDP, while RingCentral offers coverage in over 44 natively supported countries.  

Cost-effective: Cloud-based communication packages are typically more cost-effective overall no matter what size your business. However, for large companies who can often negotiate lower rates on their own due to volume, BYOC also cuts costs due to the avoidance of early termination fees coupled with the ability to keep current per-minute calling rates. 

Emergency and Compliance: Maintain control in highly regulated industries with a robust set of emergency and regulatory calling capabilities including E911, Ray Baum’s Act, and Europe’s GDPR. 

Currently, while companies can take advantage of BYOC if their carrier is Bandwidth, RingCentral plans to partner with additional carriers in the near future. Stay tuned for more on that when it happens. 

Contact us to learn more about BYOC and Bandwidth Duet℠ for RingCentral.  

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Bring Your Own Carrier Bandwidth Duet℠ for RingCentral

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