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The Difference Between Mitel End of Sales and Mitel End of Life

Differences Between Mitel End of Sales and Mitel End of Life


Mitel recently announced End of Sales (EoS) for the Mitel Cloud Connect platform and is expected to announce End of Life (EoL) deadlines soon, so it makes sense to look at what these terms mean and how it will impact Mitel customers moving forward. 

Defining End of Sales 

Mitel defines End of Sales as the deadline to order a Mitel product through their point-of-sale system, and also indicates when Mitel stops marketing and selling a product. June 30th, 2022, is the EoS date for Mitel Cloud Connect where Mitel will no longer accept new customers and contracts, although it might still be possible to order it through third-party resellers. 

Also, keep in mind that Mitel typically continues to provide software and hardware support for an EoS product until an announced End of Life deadline, which brings us to our second definition: 

Defining End of Life 

Mitel defines End of Life as the deadline for a product to reach the end of its useful life. On this date, Mitel stops providing routine support for that product as well as feature or security updates. In some instances, Mitel may provide technical support to critical issues or failures, but the EoL date usually indicates when they will be stepping away from a product entirely and considering it retired. 

As mentioned above, an EoL date has not been announced, but we expect that to come soon. 

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The Difference Between EoS and EoL 

Mitel and other vendors will offer an End of Sale well before a product End of Life to allow their customers enough time to find a replacement solution. These terms are mutually exclusive, and the dates can sometimes be years apart. It is important to realize, however, that feature updates will become less frequent after an EoS announcement since the main goal would be keeping the platform stable. 

Immediate Impacts for Mitel Connect Users 

There are a few additional elements at play here for Mitel Connect that need to be discussed. First, the phasing out of the Mitel Connect platform is no ordinary scenario. As you already know, Mitel customers are being given an opportunity to migrate to RingCentral MVP, so the EoL and EoS timelines may be expedited. 

Additionally, it is common for manufacturers to reduce production of equipment and accessories for platforms reaching End of Sales. In this case, however, the pandemic has created a global microchip shortage and many phones and accessories have already been on backorder for quite some time now. This scenario may force Mitel users to migrate before the actual EoL date for the Connect platform due to prohibitive costs. 

As a Mitel Platinum Partner and a RingCentral Premier Partner, our team at Converged Technology Professionals has performed more Mitel to RingCentral migrations in-house than any provider worldwide, as we’re one of three partners nationwide allowed to do our own implementation.  

The time to start planning a migration to your next UCaaS and CCaaS platform is rapidly approaching. If you have questions give us a call to discuss potential options. We can help you find the ideal solution for your company. 

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Differences Between Mitel End of Sales and Mitel End of Life

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