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Five Telltale Signs That It’s Time For a Mitel Change of Partner

Five Telltale Signs That It’s Time For a Mitel Change of Partner


Have you lost that spark with your Mitel partner? From declining support quality to fragmented, disorganized technology, there are lots of ways to tell that your needs aren’t being met. If you’re paying top dollar for low-quality service, then you’re needlessly absorbing the impact to your ROI. You deserve better.  

Here are the five signs that your current Mitel support partner isn’t prioritizing you, plus what to look for in a future partner. 

Sign 1: Partner Support is Scaling Back 

If you’ve noticed a major reduction in support, you’re likely not alone. Many support partners are moving away from on-premise PBX completely to focus on the cloud, so they are diverting all their resources to accommodate the new trend. Others are simply laying off their senior Mitel & ShoreTel technicians to save money.  Unfortunately, this could leave you feeling neglected or altogether abandoned. 

What to Look For Instead: Seek out a Mitel partner who prioritizes both cloud and on-premise PBX clients. Preferably, you should find a company that assigns a dedicated point of contact to manage your account and help you make smart technology decisions that can maximize your Mitel system’s ROI. 

Sign 2: Longer Ticket Wait Times 

Have your ticket wait times increased exponentially? Perhaps even minor issues escalate into much larger problems simply because your support ticket was not answered in a timely fashion. It’s understandably stressful and frustrating, but beyond that, it can cause business disruption and negatively affect your bottom line. 

What to Look For Instead: Seek out a company that treats support issues with the urgency they deserve.  Ask the tough questions up-front and if you’re not 100% convinced, request references as well.  You want a partner with speedy online support with trackable ticket progress, remote training sessions and resource libraries to ensure you’ll always be able to find answers quickly.  

Looking for a new ShoreTel/Mitel Support Partner?

Sign 3: Calls are Not Being Returned 

A great Mitel partner should always be just a phone call away to expedite support tickets with Mitel or find the best possible solution themselves.  So if your phone calls are going to voicemail and someone is not calling you back within the hour, that’s a huge red flag that your support partner isn’t taking you seriously. 

What to Look For Instead: At Converged Technology Professionals, our partners are our one and only priority. We have earned Mitel Platinum Partner status and won’t hesitate to make direct calls to Mitel’s senior leadership when necessary.  Our veteran technicians are also highly responsive and they take ownership of your challenges, giving you peace of mind that your problems will be handled appropriately after a single call. 

Sign 4: Unable to Source Equipment 

If your Mitel switches and other equipment hasn’t been updated in some time, then you’ve probably noticed that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to replace parts or source gear. Unfortunately, price gouging is also becoming more common for legacy equipment.  If your partner is unable to help you find parts at a fair price, then you might be working with the wrong partner. 

What to Look For Instead: Reputable partners will keep a large inventory of parts in their warehouse and they’ll also have direct connections with leading distributors to get parts to you quickly.  For instance, Converged Technology Professionals offers overnight shipping as our standard and we’ll happily source parts on your behalf whenever necessary. 

Sign 5: Increasingly Fragmented Tech 

How many software programs, apps and other platforms are your teams using for work? Are you stuck signing into dozens of different apps to simply conduct business and communicate? Or, possibly, your tech stack isn’t integrated, which can silo data and slow down your operations.  

A solid partner would offer recommendations and a strategy to mitigate these problems. If your partner hasn’t taken the initiative to help you streamline your tech, then you may be lacking real support in your relationship. 

What to Look For Instead: Optimizing your telecommunications technology should be at the top of your partner’s list, especially if they are looking after your best interests. Converged Technology Professionals will provide recommendations for the future, help streamline and consolidate your tech and communications, save money and offer superior customer service. 

Get Better Support With Converged Technology Professionals 

You shouldn’t have to accept neglect from a support partner. The experienced team at Converged Technology Professionals will treat you like a true partner and provide top-notch service for the life of your relationship. If you’d like to learn more about making the switch, contact us today for a consultation. 

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