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Mitel Minute Update: Mitel End of Sale for SG Half Width Voice Switches

Jul 17, 2018

CT-Pros Mitel Minute Update

In this Mitel Minute update, we are listing which ShoreGear (SG) voice switches are now end of sale, and what this means for customers who might be impacted.

Keep in mind End of Sale simply means they are no longer “selling” that item, but Mitel will continue to support those items for at least five years after the End of Sales date. 

Which ShoreGear Models are No longer Available?

The following models are no longer available and have been removed from Mitel price lists and ordering tools.

  • SG-90V
  • SG-90
  • SG-220T1
  • SG-30
  • SG-50
  • SG-50V
  • SG-220T1A
  • SG-T1k
  • SG-24A
  • SG-220E1
  • SG-E1k


Does This Impact You?

This announcement impacts anyone wanting to purchase any of the above-mentioned SG Half-Width Voice Switches.

If you require a replacement and have an active Support plan, Mitel will continue to provide RMAs on all SG half-width voice switches.  

However, if you need to purchase an additional switch (not a replacement), you will need to purchase an equivalent ST Voice Switch.

Those equivalents are shown below in the displayed chart further down.

Keep in mind, for any customers still using ShoreTel 14.2, the ST Voice Switches are NOT compatible with 14.2.

In other words, if you are on 14.2 and want to purchase an additional ST Voice Switch, you cannot do this.  Our recommendation is to upgrade to Connect.  

Migrating to Connect

If you haven’t upgraded to Connect and have not discussed upgrade/migration plans with us yet, we advise you to contact us by sending a request to techsupport@ voipswami.com to start discussing plans for upgrading.  As your partner, we will complete an audit for you and work with you to ensure a well-timed, well-planned and managed upgrade.

Please note that Mitel has made it clear that the ST Voice Switches are “Mitel’s principal portfolio of voice switches for MiVoice Connect, and Mitel will continue to sell these for the foreseeable future.”

Improvements of the ST Voice Switch over the SG Voice Switches. 

If you are wondering how the ST voice switches are better than the SG switches, here are some of the benefits: 

  1. Elimination of port trade-offs! This is a huge benefit.The nominal IP Extension capacity of the SG Voice Switches could be met only by sacrificing the use of analog ports on the same switch. With ST Voice Switches, the nominal IP extension capacity is always available, even if all the analog ports are used. Generally, fewer ST Voice Switches will be required to replace SG Voice Switches.
  2. ST switches have options with higher densities, especially the ST 2D, ST48A, ST200 and ST 500.
  3. Less rack space required (due to the improvement mentioned in #2)
  4. Less power and cooling requirements/demands than the SG counterparts.

Below is a table provided by Mitel to their partners for examples of SG Voice Switch combinations and their corresponding ST Voice Switch solutions.

sg half width and st voice switch equivalents

If you have additional questions, or are looking for a reliable Mitel/ShoreTel Partner to assist you through this process, please contact using our contact form or call us at 877-328-7767.


*This information was provided to us from Mitel through their Partner communications network.   This information is accurate at the time of publication however is subject to changes at any time.  Contact your Mitel rep for further details.

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