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Mitel Minute Update: Mitel Price Increase Jan 1 2020 Due to Tariffs

Dec 20, 2019

CT-Pros Mitel Minute Update

This post has been updated to reflect the latest information provided by Mitel for changes to their product pricing starting January 1, 2020.   


As your Mitel Platinum partner we are committed to keeping you updated on the latest changes related to Mitel and their products and services. 

This Mitel Minute is regarding Mitel’s recent announcement that effective January 1, 2020 certain products will impacted due to import tariffs.

What to Do Now Rather Than Later

If you are considering or in the process of purchasing new products either on or after January 1, 2020, you may experience an increase in pricing.  Some vendors have already implemented such price increases.

Another way you can avoid being impacted by hardware price increases (regardless of reason) is to begin migrating to a virtual environment with virtual tools such as Hyper V and VMware.  Both of these are compatible for running Mitel virtual appliances/servers.   

Another advantage with virtual besides avoiding price hikes, is you can better leverage resiliency within your network infrastructure.  Contact your Account Rep if you'd like to discuss virtualization options.

A second option is to speak to us regarding options for migrating to the cloud.  Using a cloud-based phone solution has many cost-effective benefits over using an on-prem pbx, for example you no longer are responsible for purchasing hardware such as switches and hardware licenses.  

If your interested in learning more about this option please contact your Account Rep today here.

Impacted Products

We are posting the current list of impacted products (subject to change without notice) below.   

Removed from list (no longer impacted by price increase)

Solution/Category Mitel Part Number Description
Desktop 10573 Mitel IP Phone IP420
Desktop 10574 Mitel IP Phone IP420g
Desktop 10576 Mitel IP Phone IP480
Desktop 10577 Mitel IP Phone IP480g
Desktop 10578 Mitel IP Phone IP485g
Desktop 51303913 112 DECT Phone, Universal (w/Charger)
Desktop 51305332 Integrated DECT Headset (NA)


The following materials are scheduled with a price increase effective January 1, 2020.

Solution/Category Mitel Part Number Description
Desktop 10162 Handset for IP5XX/2XX/1XX series phones
Desktop 10169 Wall Mount Kit for IP56X phones
Desktop 10195 Wall Mount Kit for IP11X phones and BB24
Desktop 10211 Wall Mount Kit for IP2XX phones
Desktop 10370 Phone Base for IP Phone IP11X
Desktop 10371 Phone Base for IP Phone IP2XX
Desktop 10372 Phone Base for IP Phone IP5XX
Desktop 10373 Handset Cord (9 ft) for 1XX/2XX/5XX
Desktop 10381 Handset for IP Phone IP655 and IP4XX
Desktop 10397 Handset Cord (9 ft) for IP Phone IP655
Desktop 10428 Wall Mount Kit for IP Phone IP655
Desktop 10502 IP420 Quick Ref Guide (qty 25)
Desktop 10503 IP480/480g Quick Ref Guide (qty 25)
Desktop 10504 IP485g Quick Ref Guide (qty 25)
Desktop 10505 IP420 User Guide (qty 25)
Desktop 10506 IP480/480g User Guide (qty 25)
Desktop 10507 IP485g User Guide (qty 25)
Desktop 10508 IP4xx French language key kit
Desktop 10532 BB424 Power Adapter (requires Connect)
Desktop 10533 IP4XX Telephone Wall Plate Mounting Kit
Desktop 10536 Handset Cord (12 ft) for IP4XX phones
Desktop 10553 Gig PoE Power Adapter (North America)
Desktop 10556 Gig PoE Power Adapter (EU)

Desktop 10575 Mitel BB424 Button Box
Desktop 10589 GSA Mitel IP Phone IP420 w/Ext&Mailbox
Desktop 10590 GSA Mitel IP Phone IP420g w/Ext&Mailbox
Desktop 10591 GSA Mitel IP Phone IP480 w/Ext&Mailbox
Desktop 10592 GSA Mitel IP Phone IP480g w/Ext&Mailbox
Desktop 10593 GSA Mitel IP Phone IP485g w/Ext&Mailbox
Desktop 60152 Wall Mount Kit for IP480 /480g /485g
Desktop 60153 Wall Mount Kit for IP420/IP420g
Desktop 60208 Phone Stand IP420/IP420g
Desktop 60209 Phone Stand IP480/IP480g/IP485g
Desktop 68668 Mitel 632 Rotary Belt Clip
Desktop 68764 Mitel 632 Belt Clip
Desktop 68765 Mitel 612 Belt Clip (Grey)
Desktop 68766 Mitel 632 Battery Cover
Desktop 68767 Mitel 612 Battery Cover
Desktop 68768 Mitel 600 Standard Battery
Desktop 68769 Mitel 600 Neck Band
Desktop 68770 Mitel 612 Rotary Belt Clip
Desktop 50006614 Universal Camera Mounting Bracket
Desktop 50006763 68xx/69xx Bluetooth Handset
Desktop 50006764 68xx/69xx Bluetooth Handset Battery FRU
Desktop 50006772 6900 Handset Spare 25 pk
Desktop 50006812 6873/6930/40 Stand(Qty 10)
Desktop 50006857 6873 Blank Logo Plate (Qty 25)
Desktop 50006863 Mitel 612d v2 (Set)
Desktop 50006864 Mitel 622d v2 (Set)
Desktop 50006865 Mitel 632d v2 (Set)
Desktop 50006866 Mitel 612d v2 (Handset)
Desktop 50006867 Mitel 622d v2 (Handset)
Desktop 50006868 Mitel 632d v2 (Handset)
Desktop 50006897 Mitel 5613
Desktop 50006898 Mitel 5614
Desktop 50006921 6900/6800 Wall Mount Kit (10 Pack)
Desktop 50006922 6900 Series Blank Branding Plate Qty 200
Desktop 50006972 RFP 45 Indoor IP-DECTBase Station
Desktop 50006973 RFP 44 Indoor IP-DECT Base Station
Desktop 50006976 RFP 48 WLAN BASE Station
Desktop 50006979 RFP 48 Cover Charcoal 10 pack (175mm)
Desktop 50008293 6900 Handset
Desktop 50008295 6873/6930/6940 Stand
Desktop 50008296 6865/67/6910/6920 Stand
Desktop 50008297 M680/M685/M695 Stand
Desktop 50008298 6865/6910 Clear Plastic Cover (Qty 5)
Desktop 51015422 MITEL 5613/14/24/03/04 CHARGER- EU
Desktop 51015431 MITEL 5613/03/DT390 SPARE BATTERY PACK
Desktop 51015432 MITEL 5604 SPARE BATTERY PACK
Desktop 51015955 Mitel 5604/24 Spare Belt Clip (15pcs)
Desktop 51302439 Panasonic Universal Camera Mount; PUM8
Desktop 51302468 RevoLabs HD Microphone, Directional (NA)
Desktop 51302471 RevoLabs HD Dual Chnl Syst (w/o Mic)(NA)
Desktop 51302672 Revolabs Tabletop Charger Always On (NA)

Desktop 51302673 RevoLabs Lapel Microphone (NA)
Desktop 51303911 RFP 12 Single Cell Base Station (NA)
Desktop 51303916 112 DECT Phone,Universal (w/o Chrgr)(FRU
Desktop 51303917 112 DECT Phone NiMH Rechargeable Battery
Desktop 51303920 RFP 12 Basestation 5v PSU+1 Plug NA FRU
Desktop 51303921 RFP 12 Basestation 5v PSU+3 Plugs EU FRU
Desktop 51303939 Panasonic SP311A HD Ntwrk Cam (Univrsl)
Desktop 51305335 Integrated DECT Headset - FRU
Desktop 51306580 S720 BT Speakerphone
Desktop 80-00003AAA-A Mitel 622/650 Rotary Belt Clip
Desktop 80-00004AAA-A Mitel 622/650 Belt Clip
Desktop 80-00005AAA-A Mitel 622/650 Battery Cover
Desktop 87-00001AMI-A 6800i Mitel Logo Plate(Qty 50)
Desktop 87-00077AAA-A 6800i HD Handset(Qty 10)
Desktop 87-00078AAA-A 6800i Handset Cord(Qty 10)
Desktop 87-00079AAA-A 6863i/6905 Stand(Qty 10)
Desktop 87-00080AAA-A 6865/67i/6910 Stand(Qty 10)
Desktop 87-00081AAA-A 6869i Stand(Qty 10)
Desktop 87-00082AAA-A 6800i Blank Logo Plate(Qty 50)
Desktop 87-00083AAA-A 6863i Clear Plastic Cover(25)
Desktop 87-00084AAA-A 6865i/6910 Clear Plastic Cover(25)
Desktop 87-00085AAA-A M680i Clear Plastic Cover (Pkg Qty 25)
Desktop 87-00086AAA-A M680i/M685i/M695 Stand(Qty 10)
MiVoice Office 250 580.2020 MiVOfc 250 Processor Expan Card (PEC-1)
MiVoice Office 250 580.2100 MiVOfc 250 SGL Line Mdl(SLM-4)for CS/HX
MiVoice Office 250 580.2101 MiVOfc 250 SGL Line Mdl(SLM-8)for DEI
MiVoice Office 250 580.2200 MiVOfc 250 Digital Endpoint Mod(DEM-16)
MiVoice Office 250 580.2202 MiVOfc 250 DDM-16b CCA for HX (no cbl)
MiVoice Office 250 580.2304 MiVOfc 250Loop Start Mdl(LSM-4)for CS/HX
MiVoice Office 250 580.2702 MiVOfc 250Dual T1/E1/PRI(T1M-2)for CS/HX
MiVoice Office 250 828.1771 KIT BRKTS HX CONT AND PS WALL MOUNT
MiVoice Office 250 50006504 Kit Wall Mount brkt HX Ctrl, PS & 2 DEI
MiVoice Office 250 52002624 MiVoice Office 250 DDM-16 Card w/ cable
MiVoice Office 400 20351352 Trunk interfaces card 8FXO
MiVoice Office 400 20351423 Terminal interfaces card 32FXS
MiVoice Office 400 83D00001AAA-A Application CPU Card - S
MiVoice Business 50001247 3300 - 128 CH. ECHO CANCELLOR
MiVoice Business 50003560 DUAL T1/E1 TRUNK MMC
MiVoice Business 50004451 QUAD CIM
MiVoice Business 50004871 3300 ANALOG OPTION BOARD II
MiVoice Business 50005104 4 PLUS 12 PORT COMBO
MiVoice Business 50005160 T1/E1 Combo MMC II
MiVoice Business 50005184 ANALOG MAIN BRD III
MiVoice Business 50005731 24 port ONSp card
MiVoice Business 50005751 DSP II MMC
MiVoice Business 50006431 MXe III Raid Sub-System
MiVoice Business 50006508 AX Controller Card
MiVoice Business 52002544 3300 CX Media Gateway
MiVoice Business 52002545 3300 MXe Media Gateway
MiVoice Business 52002547 3300 CX Analog Survivable Branch Office
MiVoice Business 52002581 3300 MXe III Expansion Kit



*This information was provided to us from Mitel through their Partner communications network.   This information is accurate at the time of publication however is subject to changes at any time.  Contact your Account Rep for further details.

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