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The Necessary Steps in a Mitel Change of Partner


If you’re thinking about switching your Mitel support partnership to Converged Technology Professionals, you may be wondering what the transition and onboarding process looks like. We understand that choosing a new partner isn't an easy decision and we appreciate the trust you place in us to help support and manage your Mitel PBX system.  

Here is a step-by-step guide to a Mitel change of partner transition with our team: 

Step 1: Reach Out to Have a Conversation 

The first step we take with any client is to get to know their business model, their specific needs and any communications objectives they’re working towards.  We will have you sign an NDA (and gladly sign yours as well) to ensure that everyone is comfortable in having these high level discussions. After that, we will set up a meeting with your team and our consultants to dive into the particulars of your needs, discuss our partner agreements and answer any questions you may have. 

Step 2: A Deep-Dive on Your Mitel System 

After the initial meeting with your team, we will meet with our Mitel-certified engineers and assign the appropriate one to your account.  That technician will then perform a comprehensive systems audit along with an overall health check of your Mitel PBX, to ensure everything is in working order, identify any outdated equipment and to document anything that falls outside of Mitel’s best practices. 

Once the audit is complete, we will meet with you to discuss our findings and make appropriate recommendations.  We keep this process as transparent as possible to provide a high-level overview to your IT team with an action plan of completing the Mitel change of partner process. 

Step 3: Make the New Partnership Official 

Once you sign the ‘Change of Partner’ form via DocuSign format, Mitel will be instantly notified that Converged Technology Professionals will be taking over your account. From that moment, it’s official –– we now are your Mitel support partner and can take action on your behalf. 

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Step 4: Our Internal & External Kickoff Calls 

Our team members will conduct an internal kickoff to further review your business goals, support plan and system environment. This meeting is designed to ensure all involved parties are up to speed on your account and we also assign your new Technical Account Manager (TAM) at this time.  That will be your single point of contact for advice, guidance or any technical matters. 

Shortly thereafter, we will meet with your team to make introductions, further discuss details of the new partnership and talk about how we can help implement your long-term communications goals. 

Step 5: Install Mitel Backup & Recovery 

Meanwhile, our support team will install our proprietary backup and recovery software WeVault. This will securely back up your PBX configurations, voicemails, and other data files off-site.  That ensures if something should happen with your PBX, it's simply a matter of restoring your settings to have you back up and running.  

Step 6: Personalized Mitel Training Sessions 

Additionally, you’ve probably had some new team members come on board since your Mitel system was initially installed.  We offer complimentary training sessions for those employees or anyone that would benefit from a refresher course on the features and functionality available in your Mitel PBX.  We also provide two-hour training sessions for your IT administrators that covers the management features of your system. 

Ready for a Mitel Change of Partner? 

While our Mitel change of partner process is a lot more involved than other IT providers, we believe that it provides the greatest possible benefit for your company.  Our goal is to provide complete peace of mind on day 1 of our partnership and to set the tone for delivering consistent excellence throughout your relationship with us.  That’s why organizations from Brunswick to the Detroit Lions to major enterprises in virtually every sector turn to Converged Technology Professionals for Mitel support, and we look forward to providing you with the same stellar IT experience. 

If you’d like to learn more about a Mitel change of partner agreement or simply have any questions about our process, please reach out to us anytime at (877) 328-7767 or email us through our contact page.  

The Necessary Steps in a Mitel Change of Partner

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