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A Strategic IT Partner Knows Perception From Reality

When choosing a strategic partner, does your prospective partner know the difference of perception and reality?

Strategic Partner

In the UC space we are constantly presented with a variety of business pains by our clients and prospects. That’s what we do day in day out. Be it tickets related to programming or software or complex solutions to fix a need or pain in the client’s business model. 

We go through the discovery process the same way every time and present a solution followed up by a key question to the clients: “What do you think?” Simple enough right? That’s the reality in what we do every day. 2 + 2 = 4. Find the problem, deliver the answer.

Perception is the variable we closely manage. Just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder the end users perception overrules reality every time.

The variables we monitor can be incorrect VLAN configurations, a carrier services issue, latency, etc. It can also be just as simple as an end user not being properly trained on how the solution should work.

The manner in which unforeseen issues are dealt with has a major impact on how a partner is perceived by a client. Every project will encounter problems and unanticipated variables. The right partner will assist in identifying those potential hiccups early on and work with you during the project to mitigate any that arise.

Maintaining project transparency throughout the implementation goes a long way to empower the partner to deliver the best results. The difference is that the right partner will collaborate with clients to create solutions that go beyond the original scope to navigate the obstacles of the project. It’s about accountability to make it right every time.

The reality is the organization as whole has to be happy and the right partner should own the entire experience. That means total accountability regardless of the problems and regardless of who's responsible. It’s more than just a statement of work. It’s the right partner that should have a laser focus on the understanding on how important perception is to everyone. That is what creates the reality of a successful implementation.

When choosing a strategic partner, does your prospective partner know the difference of perception and reality?

 At the end of the day, the clients that choose us, trust in us to ensure they look like the heroes of the project. They need to proudly take full credit in choosing the right solutions. It’s the perception of the project from the end users that signify that the project is a success. It's not about what we did or what our SOW states. It's all about how the end users perceive the tools provided and how well it was implemented. Don’t forget this part when vetting your next partner for your technology choices. Should you want a strategic relationship vs. a transactional event, you need to ask the right questions in advance of signing that statement of work.



About the Author:
Joe Rittenhouse is the President of Business Development and a managing partner of Converged Technology Professionals Inc. His expertise is in business consulting/therapy specializing specifically in VOIP, Cloud Services, and Contact Centers. Joe’s experience in the IT demographic encompasses over two decades. Outside of work, Joe is a Husband and father of four. Joe is also a self-proclaimed seasoned tour veteran of the Grateful Dead. 

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