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How RingCentral's Integration with Microsoft Teams Can Further Your Business Communications

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Converged Technology Professionals is a RingCentral Premier Partner and we are always wanting to help businesses discover how RingCentral can work for them.   With the recent news about RingCentral’s native integration with Microsoft Teams, we’ve decided to write this post to explain how and why the wait is over for those who feel they’ve been prevented from moving to the cloud due to their dependence on Microsoft Teams. 

The Microsoft Teams app is no doubt extremely popular as a communications tool among businesses that have it integrated throughout their ecosystem, causing a strong reliance on it as an effective communications application for employees company-wide. 

Microsoft Teams and RingCentral Integration

The challenge that many companies face is that Teams lacks the ability to use robust voice functionality that takes place outside of the application itself.  For example, how voice calls are handled, calling plans chosen, scalability, and integrated collaboration tools such as video to join a Microsoft Teams meeting.  

To take advantage of all that requires integrating with multiple vendors and multiple applications and quite frankly, it can become one heck of a challenge to manage it all. 

It might work fine as is, but it’s clunky, certainly not seamless, and it’s so integrated throughout your company that the mention of leaving Teams and using another communications solution is just out of the question.   

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Your reliance on Teams is huge, and we get it.   So does RingCentral.

That’s why RingCentral has created a native integration with the Microsoft Teams app that allows your users to still communicate and collaborate as they always have within the Teams platform.   

The difference is that now your Teams integrates seamlessly with RingCentral’s powerhouse of cloud-based voice and video capabilities that increase efficiency and productivity, while also reducing costs.  Here are a few examples of the functionality benefits of using Microsoft Teams on the RingCentral platform: 


  • Advanced Call Controls (direct call routing, handling, recordings, queues, etc.)
  • IVRs
  • Integrated Video meetings and webinars
  • Call Analytics
  • Manageability from a single interface
  • Additional Integrations

If you’re thinking we’re just talking UCaaS hyperbole, we invite you to test us out and request a free cost-comparison analysis that our team will create for you to show you the difference RingCentral can make for your budget and bottom line. 

What Does this Really Mean for You?

A move to RingCentral means that you can still migrate to the cloud and keep using Teams the way your users are familiar with.  Your staff can join a Microsoft Teams meeting directly from the RingCentral app on any device.   

Oh, and you’ll most likely save a bunch of telecom expenses too. 

Keep in mind, this is a seamless integration that will allow you to continue your communications all within Teams and yet have access to RingCentral’s robust cloud platform that your business needs to thrive. 

In addition to the access to advanced features, those who take advantage of the integration will benefit greatly from more productivity, scalability, and cost savings.  We’ve listed a few below and you can also watch our Microsoft Teams integrations interview for additional information.

Toll Free Numbers and Global Calling

RingCentral allows you to utilize their global phone system capabilities in over 40 countries. With toll-free numbers in more than 100 countries, the ability to scale your communications globally can be accomplished with ease. 

How much are you paying from your current carrier? Or does your carrier even offer this for you?  It’s time to start digging, and we can help you with our free cost-comparison analysis.  

Easy Adoption Due to Using the Same Familiar Teams Interface

If you and your users have grown to love the Teams interface then no worries, integrating natively with RingCentral is intuitive and does not include any additional downloads, bots, or plugins. Being able to utilize both platforms gives you an increase in productivity with no additional training.  

Keep using the interface you’re already familiar with since your staff members already know how to use Microsoft Teams. 

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Ease of Management from One Interface

This should make every IT admin fill with joy as they will be able to manage their organization’s user base from one simplified yet powerful interface. A Single Sign-On is supported with this integration meaning that Team’s users can automatically be authenticated and connected to their RingCentral communications account when they log in to Teams. 

There’s no need for the Microsoft Teams tutorials all over again with a native integration. 

Confidence with Secure Telephony

A common misconception with cloud platforms like RingCentral is that you are losing control over security.  This is not the case at all.   

RingCentral comes with seven layers of enterprise-grade security and geo-redundant data centers around the world.  Their 99.999 SLA alone is impressive, not many can match that.   

In addition, RingCentral is compliant with all the necessary regulatory requirements for your industry, such as SOX-2 and HIPAA. They even take it a step further with their HiTrust CSF Certification which has become the benchmark that organizations apply to safeguard ePHI data.  Using a native Teams integration in RingCentral makes the Microsoft platform even more secure. 

Businesses are enjoying the benefits of knowing this level of security is built into RingCentral, especially at a time when so many employees are in a work from home situation.  Now that more businesses are wanting to knowhow to work from anywhere with ease, they are finding RingCentral is suiting their needs. 

Simplified Communications Infrastructure

You can reduce the level of complexity within your infrastructure by using RingCentral’s cloud PBX.  No more SIP trunks or costly SBCs to deal with for starters.   

This also means users can communicate and collaborate on any device, anywhere at anytime.  This also includes Team users, customers, or partners, and managing preferences is done through the user portal. 

Communication between users within and outside the company is conducted on RingCentral’s single communication platform.  Although the Teams interfaced is being used, the call itself runs through RingCentral’s platform.  

Valuable Insights into Your Calls

Another area that your business will benefit from is the ability to identify key trends across the entire company’s calls that are conducted in Teams.  RingCentral enables you to have a deeper understanding of these trends that can result in impactful change that are backed by real-time data. You can set up automated alerts and create targeted reports with out-of-the-box KPIs and metrics. 

Integrate with Your Favorite Business Apps

The integrationdoes not stop at Teams.  RingCentral can unify your applications that you use every day. This integration eliminates the need to switch between different programs in order to message, call, or meet. 

RingCentral integrates with a large array of apps in the communication and collaboration space such as Salesforce, Now, Google, Box, Oracle, and many others to insure high productivity and efficiency. 

If you are looking to integrate RingCentral’s enterprise-grade telephony solution within Microsoft Teams, or you’re simply curious about the RingCentral platform and would like to see if it would be a better fit you’re your


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