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RingCentral Collaboration: The Tools You May Not Know You Need

RingCentral Collaboration: The Tools You May Not Know You Need


Whether you're using RingCentral currently or looking further into implementing it, you should know about its collaboration tools and how they can help your business. 

Forward-thinking organizations recognize the value of adopting new communication technologies to remain competitive in the marketplace.  

Providing employees access to the tools they're most comfortable with while working together across departments leads to higher efficiencies, productivity, and increased employee satisfaction. All of which are great reasons to migrate to a UCaaS platform like RingCentral

Collaboration Tools of the Past 

Does this sound familiar? You arrive at your desk and turn on your computer, where you open fifty different programs at the start of your workday—project tracking, internal chat with peers, external text with clients, video meetings—the list goes on and on. Your options are numerous, but so are the issues in using them. 

For one, you're overwhelmed. Switching between multiple applications while collaborating with your team is inefficient.  

While in a video meeting with a colleague, it takes five minutes of searching to find the link to a reference document that lives in another program. Once located, you cannot review it together because the two applications don't integrate. You email it to your coworker and wait for the download.  

Even more frustrating is the fact that none of the programs work with your phone system. Halfway through the review, you come across a sales question requiring an immediate answer. You'd like to send the sales manager the document, but they're en route to a client meeting, and you can't share the file to their mobile phone. 

You could send it through IM, but then you remember you're still waiting on your internal chat vendor to implement a much-needed program integration you requested three months ago. 

You send another email and hope to receive a reply while your meeting is still in progress. 

You think to yourself, wouldn't it be great if all the functionality, integration, and collaboration I need resided in one place? 

A Partner Perspective on Transitioning from Mitel to RingCentral

RingCentral Collaboration to the Rescue 

RingCentral MVP comes with the unified messaging, video, and phone capabilities you need for today's workplace. Teammates use one platform to collaborate in real-time.  

With today's distributed workforce, unified collaboration tools allow for instant connection no matter where your team is located. On the way to a sales meeting, taking customer calls from a home office, or sitting at an airport, your team is able to reach out with questions, provide resources, and file share using one access point for everything they do.  

That means: 

  • Resource sharing through instant messaging  

  • Mobile support for sales and off-site meetings in real-time 

  • 24/7 accessibility across time zones offers flexibility 

That is powerful, and maybe you already know about that aspect of collaboration from RingCentral.  

Here are some others you may not have thought about: 

Seamless Integrations Are the Next Big Thing 

RingCentral knows there are going to be some programs you are not going to stop using. That's why they integrate with over 250 applications available right from the RC platform.  

It's no problem to continue using Salesforce, Mailchimp, or Microsoft Teams. Each offers integrated collaboration capabilities like contact syncing, click-to-call voice, and video functions just by adding them to your dashboard. 

Or use Zapier to connect to over 4,000 additional apps, no code required. 

Need proprietary applications? RingCentral also lets you build your own through open APIs, SDKs, and widgets. 

Stand-Alone Applications Are Not the Next Big Thing 

Multi subscription services for the likes of GoToMeetings or eFax are declining in popularity due to their standalone nature. Not having to access various disparate third-party vendor applications not only saves time, as we mentioned, but it saves your company money as well. You'll be able to consolidate your programs to a central platform where everything works as a single, unified solution for one fixed price. 

Time Savings + Increased Productivity + Higher Employee Engagement = Better Company Outcomes 

There's much information out there about how many hours employees spend per day searching for information. Whether it's two hours or fifteen minutes, all that time adds up. Plus, it can leave your employees frazzled due to the pressures of having less time to complete their work. 

With collaboration tools like RingCentral, your team has access to one platform that houses all the necessary sharing and storage of information they'll need to do their job. The easier it is for them to do their job, the more engaged your employees become. The more committed your team is, the better your business outcomes.  

One study found that ensuring employee engagement is a top priority for most businesses because "engaged employees do their best work to achieve the business's goals, and they are willing to go the extra mile to contribute to the business's success."    

Furthermore, the same study points to internal communications as paramount to employee engagement. An effective internal communications strategy lowers frustration and minimizes time wasted while keeping employees informed, secure, and motivated to achieve company objectives. 

Empowering your workforce with the proper collaboration tools is of great value to your company from an operational standpoint. Put these tools to work for your business and reap the rewards. 

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RingCentral Collaboration The Tools You May Not Know You Need

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