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ShoreTel Days are Over: Mitel Announces EoS for Connect Platform

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Mitel has quietly informed partners that another End-of-Sale is heading down the pike. After almost two decades of providing its customers with communication solutions, Mitel will soon announce EoS for Mitel Connect (formerly ShoreTel) platforms. Customers will no longer be able to purchase the Connect product line, and Mitel has even partnered with RingCentral to market directly to the entire Connect account base in order to transition companies off their platform. 

What does this mean for the industry? And how can affected businesses remain competitive even in a rapidly changing landscape? Read on: 

What Does Mitel's EoS Mean for the Industry? 

More and more businesses are transitioning from legacy systems to modern cloud-based solutions. As such, it’s becoming increasingly crucial for companies to stay ahead of the curve and use the best technologies available. 

With discontinued products, platforms, and services, expect lags in customer assistance and quality to follow. It makes sense operationally for Mitel to direct resources elsewhere. That's certainly been the case with other EoS and EoL (End-of-Life) products and this is the most aggressive we’ve seen them in recent years. 

However, while this shift may be daunting at first glance, it also presents exciting opportunities to incorporate best-in-class cloud communication solutions that can help boost productivity, enhance CX, lower operational costs, and even retain employees through better collaboration and engagement.  

What Can Businesses Affected by Mitel's End-of-Life Announcement Do? 

The time to begin planning a move to a stable, cloud-based system is now. A well-planned, well-executed migration takes time, so it's best not to wait. Even if Mitel says it will support Connect platforms for years, do you really want to be behind the adoption curve as they funnel their energies elsewhere?  

The key to staying competitive is being proactive. And with this announcement, Mitel is saying it's time. Now, do you have to move to RingCentral? While doing so has many advantages, the short answer is no. There may be a platform that is a better fit for your organization's needs. 

How will you know how to proceed and which solution to choose? Don't worry; we can help. We've been guiding companies in their cloud journey transformations for a long time. We'll be with you every step, from platform options to customized demos, contract negotiations, implementation, training, and ongoing support. 

Do you have more questions or need help moving forward? Contact us; we'll be happy to assist. 

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