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Keys to a Successful Phone System Implementation

Jun 21, 2018

 Keys for a Successful Phone Implementation

Swami Tech Talk Series

This post provided by Trish Cottone, Project Manager


You've decided to implement a new IP phone system and the contracts are signed! 

Your job is done now right? 

Actually, the more research you invest prior to this point will provide everyone involved with a clearer understanding of the requirements for the new phone system and a smoother transition.  

As someone who has been involved in telecom for more than ten years, here are some simple yet very helpful tips I’d like to share based on my experiences helping customers through the process.

Keep Your Phone Number Records Organized

Most businesses add different phone lines for various reasons over the years, and carriers will sell you on the most economical solution at that time. This typically results in a wide variety of accounts/invoices, most of which no one knows what they are for or if they are still needed. 

These three simple steps can help keep your records organized if you’re not sure where to start.

  1. Contact your carriers and make requests for a Customer Service Record or CSR for each account. 
  2. Document each telephone number and what it's used for. 
  3. Determine if it's tied to the phone system or is dedicated to a particular piece of equipment, such as an alarm or fax line. 

Now you can determine what you need to keep and what can be disconnected or migrated to a more cost-effective solution such as e-fax. 

Be Mindful of Time Frames

  1. When moving to SIP trunks or a new PRI solution, first ensure you plan installation into the timeline.  Installation time frames vary by carrier and could be anywhere from 30 to 120 days. 
  2. Always provide accurate information.Consider too that there will be an event to move your current telephone numbers to this new service, called a PORT.  A successful port event depends solely on providing accurate information.  If inaccurate information is provided, there will most likely be delays.

Designing the New System

Now is a good time to determine what things work for your business and what things need some examination to bring about a positive change with the new IP phone system.  

Set up some time with the different business departments and discuss what they like and dislike about the current system and bring these ideas to your new system vendor.  They will present alternatives and help design a better flow. 

Stir up Excitement! 

Get everyone involved in this positive change.  The business has spent a lot of time and money on this change and you want everyone to feel good about it!  

Training is an important step to any successful implementation and as such should be mandatory.  Welcome everyone to join, post sign-up sheets; let them know that training will be limited to these certain dates. 

Whether voicemail notifications to your email, find-me-follow-me, or working from home, there's a lot more to a phone system than there was in the past and taking the time to learn the new features will inevitably make their life easier. 



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