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Next Gen Contact Center Agents: RingCentral Omnichannel Live Demo
July 29th, 2020

Next Gen Contact Center Agents RingCentral Demo


A jammed pack 30 minute live no-fluff demonstration of how RingCentral's omnichannel platform can completely transform your contact center agent's ability to manage and respond to customer inquiries with great ease! This demonstration shows you what it looks like to engage with web chats, phone queues and email inquiries all from the same platform interface.  There are also additional topics discussed that you won't want to miss at the end! See webinar here.

can ringcentral contact center agents be fully mobile


In this quick soundbyte, viewers get the real scoop if RingCentral contact center agents can truly be mobile and what does that actually mean?   Enjoy the quick clip!

RingCentral Webinar Soundbyte - Advanced IVR


In this quick soundbyte, find out how RingCentral's Advanced IVR streamlines the customer experience by preventing multiple submissions of data to agents.   Enjoy the quick clip!

Become an I.T. Hero: Converging Security, Video & Communications
June 4th, 2020

On Demand Webinar - Become an IT Hero


What the full webinar to hear what industry experts have to say about security in the cloud for your voice, video and communications. In this second part of our webinar series with ZK Research we will be joined by two of our RingCentral IT Hero customers, along with RingCentral’s CISO and Product Marketing AVP. This inspiring webinar is relevant for any IT professional!

Soundbyte: Security Risks for At Home Employees


In this soundbyte listen to RingCentral's CISO ,Michael Machado, and Ken Zeng, Product Marketing AVP, talk about security risks for new at home employees that every business should be thinking about as we continue to incorporate work-from-home and work-from-anywhere policies and best practices. Check it out here.

webinar Securing Endpoints with RingCentral Soundbyte


In this soundbyte from our Become an I.T. Hero webinar, customers Storage Battery Systems and AIT Worldwide Logistics answer how they dealt with security endpoints when they migrated away from their PBX to RingCentral.  With employees ranging from 200 to over 1000 across multiple locations respectfully, you'll enjoy hearing the answers direct from these I.T. heroes! Check it out here.

How does RingCentral Handle Visibility & Analytics?


In this soundbyte listen to Bill ZumMallen as he talks about how as an I.T. Director, he is able to use RingCentral Visibility and Analytics capabilities for gaining greater insight into the usage of their voice and video tools and applications. Check it out here.

What's the Current Digital State of Affairs?
May 7th, 2020

On Demand Webinar Library Image (2)


Hear how businesses are overcoming the challenges of a remote workforce with tech analyst firm ZK Research. We also talk with the Detroit Lions and they share their insights in how they successfully conducted, industry first, virtual drafts. Come and see how businesses are creatively adapting and thriving! Check it out here.

The Communications Book is Being Rewritten
April 1, 2020

On Demand Webinar Library Image-commbookrewritten


Learn effective ways for keeping remote teams connected, understand how Converged Technology Professionals and RingCentral are helping businesses with their cloud migration strategies, and how the RingCentral secure cloud platform is an integral part.   Check it out here.

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