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Soundbyte: How Easy is it to Set-up
RingCentral's Engage Digital Platform? (1:37)

Webinar soundbyte from full webinar: RingCentral: Engage Digital Contact Center Demo


  • Christopher DeLeon, RingCentral
  • Chris Frey, Converged Technology Professionals
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Video Transcription

Chris Frey: I see you mentioned lots of the customizations that are present in the solution. How much of that and yet there's other things that kind of come up by themselves automatically.

So, is there a tremendous level of effort required in order to kind of get this thing up and off the ground? You know, how easy is it to get started with it?


Christopher DeLeon: For sure. So, RingCentral has made it extremely easy for customers that are starting to explore their - expand their digital space and speaking with their customers.

So, we have run multiple promotions that assist with new customers that are running one or two channels and then setting up a simple channel such as web chat or SMS or maybe Facebook integration.

It's really simple for our RingCentral team to assist us. So, getting it set up and routing it to the right teams is not something that's going to take you a decent amount of time.

Engage Digital is extremely customizable in terms of how we set the routing but getting a customer up and running to assist with routing a few channels is not difficult at all.

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