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Soundbyte: How is the IVR Scripting of Engage Digital Contact Center Different? (2:26)

Webinar soundbyte from full webinar: RingCentral: Engage Voice Contact Center Demo


  • Christopher DeLeon, RingCentral
  • Chris Frey, Converged Technology Professionals
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Video Transcription

Chris Frey:  I don't think we've touched on it, but I know that one of the capabilities is you could do some advanced IVR scripting with Engage Voice regarding, you know doing database dips and web service calls, etc. Can you talk a little bit about what's special about the scripting with Engage Voice and IVR?


Christopher DeLeon:  For sure. So, with Engage Voice, we have a public API documentation that any potential customers can take a look at and get an idea of how strong Engage Voice is with our RESTful APIs. With our APIs, we have plenty of functionalities that we can provide in the IVR to the agent, even after the call.

And so when it comes to inbound calls, we talked about one recently which was data directed routing or we look up data, we identify, hey, this agent is the one that is assigned to Chris Frey. That is utilizing our APIs in our advanced integrations in the IVR. We can identify if someone is a VIP client.

Maybe they're calling from a specific area code or zip code if they were to type that in and we can use that for routing purposes.

The same time we can offer self-service IVR, payment IVR. So if someone wants to check their balance or do a prescription refill or something else where they can do self-service without having speaking to representative.

We can do that or even if we want to send out an automated email from the IVR to the contact or maybe we have their email address on file, we want to send out an automated template email to give them information, we can do that as well.

So, a lot of flexibility in terms of what we can do with our IVR and Engage Voice. So, we have a lot of ways to automate that process, so that your representatives can stay efficient when they're in there speaking to a contact, they don't have to be looking at the queue and saying, hey, I need to cherry pick this call or do I kind of remember that phone number. We want to alleviate that as much as possible.

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