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Soundbyte: How Does the RingCentral Solution Work With Your Existing On-Prem PBX? (2:11)

Webinar soundbyte from full webinar: Communications & Collaboration in Modern K-12 Schools & the Public Sector


  • Annette Harris, Jefferson Country Public Schools
  • Chris Frey, Converged Technology Professionals
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Video Transcription

Chris Frey: So now you have this cloud solution and then you still have this underlying premise solution, and I think it's still fair to say that current affairs are still in a state of flux. So how do these two systems work together?

Annette Harris:
So, they work just fine because what's happened is, with the RingCentral and 
CT Pro's [Converged Technology Professionals] help, we were able to trunk everything together. So, we can see the directory all the way through, and that was the big concern, being able to look and see who they're calling because they were very used to the Connect Client on Mitel and having that separate application.

So, it was just getting everybody used to being able to see that directory. What we're going through right now is return to school plans and making sure everybody understands how that works.

Paging was another concern because in Mitel’s system the paging is very old style, rudimentary paging in a school, it's not a file-based per se, it's on-premise based and speakers throughout the school. So, we are addressing that with a return to school infographic on how they do a dialing plan, for example.

But in the school day to day, it won't change much for them, and as far as the teachers in the school, that's just a bonus. They still have that app on their phone, they still will be using their Mitel phones in the classroom for now.

I could see maybe in the future that may change, but also with paging, I will bring up  Chris, that we are a Syn-Apps customer as well. So, we're looking at that and then whatever solution that RingCentral may have out there too, we're just not there yet.

Chris Frey:
So, you mentioned that all the classrooms just have an extension, they don't have their own direct dial number? So, without doing a SIP trunk integration back to RingCentral, it would be very difficult to reach those devices from the outside?

Annette Harris:
Yeah, and that was a whole premise of us going with RingCentral that we could do that because that would've been a big issue if we could not, to be quite honest.

So, being able to have that flexibility, and we have 13 bus compounds as they constantly have to be in motion and communication with their schools and with central office. It was a big deal; it was a real big deal. 


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