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Soundbyte: What Were the Challenges Teachers and Staff Faced When Moving From Desk Phones to Softphones? (2:11)

Webinar soundbyte from full webinar: Communications & Collaboration in Modern K-12 Schools & the Public Sector


  • Annette Harris, Jefferson Country Public Schools
  • Chris Frey, Converged Technology Professionals
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Video Transcription

Chris Frey: So, with all these users shifting from a physical desk phone to a softphone, how did they handle that change?

Annette Harris:
Well, I mean, I think they just had to have a little bit more training and understanding because sometimes the secretaries they do get bogged down, they have a lot of calls. I will say, I haven't heard too many concerns about it.

Some of them have been going back to work, a couple of days a week in the schools, we've had teachers in their classrooms do an NTI because we have a better internet at our school than they may have at their home, for example.

So, like the secretaries, for example, at the school, their big concern was the headsets, I will tell you. They wanted just like the headset, like what you're wearing today, Chris. They didn't want one with two... Well, no, I take it back, they don't want two earpieces for example, because there's so much that goes on in a school on a daily basis, people coming in the office, this and that.

And I know it's going to change a little bit when kids do return to school and how that looks, but those are some of the basic concerns we heard about. And then, some people had old devices. We found out just with NTI alone that cameras worked on people's devices, for example.

So, we would find out if audio, maybe audio ports were broken, and they never knew it because they'd never used it. So those are the basic things that we really had to troubleshoot and just extra handholding and training with a few folks.


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