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Soundbyte: Can RingCentral Office Record Internal Phone Calls? (1:22)

Webinar soundbyte from full webinar: RingCentral Office Demo


  • Jeff Carroll, RingCentral
  • Chris Frey, Converged Technology Professionals
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Video Transcription

Chris Frey:

And I think the last question I had is about Outlook integration. And I think most of our business clients today are heavy into Outlook. And there's a mix of those that are tied back to Exchange versus those that have gone to Outlook 365 For the solutions that you've shown today kind of what's the tie in or what should people know about that?

Jeff Carroll:

Well one thing I will say is if we're looking at the I don't think I'm sharing my desktop, so I'll just explain it. I showed you the scheduler add-in that's a part of the Outlook client that will work, whether you are Outlook 365 or whether you are Exchange on-premise.

So, you can certainly schedule from right within your Outlook client from right there the integrations themselves, in addition to Outlook but all in the Office 365 universe in general we have a number of different softphone type applications that can be operating whether it be in Office 365 as a softphone that rides along where you can access it from SharePoint or access it from, you're if you're not using the Outlook client.

You could be accessing it from the web version of the client We can do that with the Outlook. We can do that with Google. If that's the customer's preference. We have softphones that operate from there. We love our app. We think it's a very great application, but we also understand customers don't live and die on our app.

They may live in Salesforce. We have a specific softphone for that. We can integrate with our APIs to over 240 different applications pre-written already today. And we have open set of APIs that allow you to run into other ones as well. So, in addition to Outlook and Exchange Office 365 we have a broad base of things that we can connect to.


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