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What are the Benefits of Using the RingCentral Cloud PBX for Microsoft Teams? (1:38)

Webinar soundbyte from full webinar: RingCentral's Integration with Microsoft Teams


  • Ken Blanc, RingCentral
  • Chris Frey, Converged Technology Professionals
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Video Transcription

Ken Blanc:  So, benefits of RingCentral Cloud PBX. So, again, we've really kind of harped on this and gone over it quite a bit. The call control, IVR, and call handling. We have the comprehensive API platform that's involved with it as far as integrations into Dynamics or Salesforce.com or Zozo or Zendesk or something of that nature.

The enterprise PBX capabilities. Really, I think that brings a ton of value to the solution. Our global reach, again, its global office, our network, the RingCentral platform in general, our core network's five nines of availability SLA will be part of this as well. And then, native call recording.

So, call recording is included with the RingCentral Office platform, and you will be able to take advantage of that as well. And then, the richer analytics and recording that the analytics portal can provide to the RingCentral Office user


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