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Why Would a User Want the RingCentral and Teams Integration? (1:38)

Webinar soundbyte from full webinar: RingCentral's Integration with Microsoft Teams


  • Ken Blanc, RingCentral
  • Chris Frey, Converged Technology Professionals
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Video Transcription

Ken Blanc: So from a user's perspective, why do they want this? Well, as we all know, app clutter and app overload is a big thing in all of our lives, not only from a mobile perspective, but also from a desktop client perspective. So what this does for the users, it allows them to have that familiar experience again, within the team's environment, especially if they've already been using a Teams softphone.

So, this keeps them continuity, keeps things connected, makes it easy for them to use, again, reducing that app overload, and then work in your tools of choice.

I think that's really one thing that RingCentral does bring to the table a lot of times is there's this debate, do we use the RingCentral App, do we use RingCentral softphone technology, and the fact is, is that this integration allows the user to still take full advantage of RingCentral Office, but then work in the tools and with the tools that they want to use for their communications. So more flexibility for the user.


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