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There’s a BIG Secret Agents Don’t Want You to Know… This eBook Tells All!

Agents selling technology packages might say all the right things, but that doesn’t mean they have your best interests at heart. In the vast majority of cases, they only care about one thing- making the most profit for their hidden master agent. 

Master agents work with hundreds of solutions vendors to sell without a conscience- every deal is based on profit margins and hidden bonuses that you ultimately pay for. They train their vast team of agents to sell everything to everyone, regardless if it actually solves the customer’s problem. 

Plain and simple, agents (and their masters) do not care about you or your business.  This eBook exposes their relentless sales tactics so you won’t fall victim to their most common deceptions. 


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Converged Technology Professionals also has just one single goal- looking out for our customer’s best interests!  We serve as a true partner to our clients to ensure they receive excellent value and service along with the perfect technology solutions.   

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