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Next-Gen Contact Center Agents

Enjoy this live RingCentral demo and see first-hand how RingCentral's Contact Center can provide your agents with next generation features and functionality that harnesses the power of omni-channel customer service

No PowerPoint slides, just straight demonstrations showing multiple channels of engagement between your agents, supervisors and customers.

This event is about you and your contact center options.   As a RingCentral Premier Partner, we get asked a lot of questions on this topic and so we are excited to present this 30 minute presentation for you. 

30 minutes?  Yes!   

No more hour long webinars, we are sticking to the facts on topics that matter most to you. 

Topics Discussed and Demo'd:


  • Agent interaction with webchats, emails, phone calls and more all within a single platform.  
  • The relationship between the RingCentral platform and Nice InContact
  • Faxing & Other channels
  • Plus more... 

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