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What's the Current State of Affairs?
Featuring the Detroit Lions!

 Special Presenter and Moderator: 

ZK Research Founder and Tech Analyst, Zeus Kerravala 

Featured Panelists

  • Detroit Lions to share how they used RingCentral for holding their Virtual Drafts!
  • RingCentral, Christine Pavalon, RVP of Sales Majors
  • Avaya, Bill Madison, VP of Cloud Sales (Avaya Cloud Office)
  • Converged Technology Professionals a unified communications Premier RingCentral and Avaya Edge partner and consultant

Discussion Topics:

  • Dynamics that are shaping communication technology decisions in the markets during this crisis and extended recession
  • How businesses are successfully rethinking their workforce strategies and you can too
  • How leading industry vendors and strategic partners are the key to enabling businesses to survive the short-and-long-term forecasts.
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Converged | RingCentral Premier

You've been hearing a lot of opinions and voices talking about the current state of affairs as it relates to business strategies and communication technologies.  Everyone has an opinion and an uncanny knack for predicting what the new norm will be like.   

But who can you really trust?  Where is the research to back up these opinions?

Join us as we listen to well-known and respected industry research analyst and founder of ZK Research, Zeus Kerravala who will bring his in-depth insight and unique perspective for how businesses are overcoming the challenges of a remote workforce, and how the role of communication technologies enables you to thrive in these unique times.

    This is a part 1 of a two-part series as Zeus Kerravala keeps us informed and updated as he tracks and continues to identify the emerging trends that are reshaping short and long-term workforce dynamics and the technology solutions that enable businesses to thrive.