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Serenova buys Telstrat – It’s a Positive Move

by CT-Pros News | Nov 30, 2017
Serenova recently purchased Telstrat, a call recording and work force management company. We explain why this is considered a positive move by us here at CT-Pros, a partner of Telstrat.

On Monday, October 23rd, 2017 Serenova, a contact center as-a-service (CCaaS) company announced they acquired Telstrat who happens to be one of our vendors. Telstrat is used by many of our customers as a solution for various workforce management and optimization uses such as call recording, analytics, and other capabilities.

We’ve chosen to include a quick public note to our customers who use Telstrat to provide our take on the acquisition and why we hold a positive view on it.

The Impact of Telstrat customers who have Mitel (previously ShoreTel) phone systems 

If there will be any impact, it will be for the better.

Serenova is acutely aware that Telstrat is used by users of other phone system providers such as ShoreTel (now Mitel) and has stated to us that development and support will continue for all customers on all telephony platforms.   

The simple fact that they mention ‘development’ and not just ‘support’ means they plan on furthering the benefits and capabilities that Telstrat offer as well as stating to us that it is business as usual.

Serenova and Mitel already have a relationship

Unknown to some of our customers, Mitel and Serenova already have a relationship due to Mitel powering their own MiContact Center live using Serenova contact center functionalities as stated in a press release in 2014.  

With Mitel’s acquisition of ShoreTel and committing to use ShoreTel’s Connect Cloud solution in their flagship product line up, (you can read about that here) we see no reason for alarm or concern. 

In fact, we see the opposite.   

We see this as a positive move by Serenova that will strengthen the Telstrat offering to the benefit of all Telstrat users regardless of the phone system platform being used.

Business as Usual

As noted above, our customers can expect business as usual regarding support, maintenance service/plans, and all other areas.   Serenova’s goal is to incorporate Telstrat into their existing solution and to continue servicing their new customer accounts whom they acquired through the Telstrat purchase.  

They are not looking to close any doors, as Tom Schollmeyer, CEO of Serenova directly stated in their press release regarding existing partnerships with other WFO and WFM solutions, “…And, because we believe strongly in offering an open, flexible platform to our customers and the market, we remain firmly committed to our existing WFO and WFM partnerships with Verint, Calabrio, and Teleopti as well.”   

We hope this clarifies any questions our customers may have regarding this acquisition.  If you have further questions, please contact us, and we’ll be glad to answer them for you. 


*This post is our opinion regarding the current acquisition at the time of this writing and is based on conversations with Serenova as well as references to their public statements.   Serenova’s plans and goals are subject to change without notice to us.   

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