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Converged Technology Professionals Receives Certification of Registration for Swami Vision Trademark

by CT-Pros News | Dec 07, 2018
As a Mitel Platinum Partner, Converged Technology Professionals announced the successful registration of the Swami Vision trademark with the US Patent and Trademark office.

Crystal Lake, IL -- Converged Technology Professionals, Inc., a unified communications and network IT consulting business announced the successful registration of the Swami Vision trademark with the US Patent and Trademark office.

Swami Vision is a cloud-based software product developed by Converged to capture data analytics for business.

The product was first developed by Converged Technology Professionals in 2017 for use with Mitel’s Summit offering.  Summit is a CPaaS (Communications Platform as a Service) application similar to the likes of Twilio in that it provides a hosted environment for custom IVR (Interactive Voice Response) development.

Swami VisionConverged Technology Professionals is a Platinum Mitel partner with extensive knowledge and experience in unified communications technology. They provide support services for businesses using Mitel’s phone and UC solutions, and also provide network managed services, custom IVR development and IT network consulting.  

As a certified Summit developer, Converged Technology Professionals recognized a need in the market for a complimentary product to enable customers to gain valuable insight into the interactions their callers were having with their custom IVRs. 

“We found that while customers were able to enjoy a host of benefits using the CPaaS application platform, they did not have a way to view the detailed metrics of the IVR itself,” states Eric Peterson, President of Operations at Converged, who is responsible for the product development of Swami Vision.  

Peterson continues, “For example, if a customer is using an IVR through Summit for a post-call survey, they were previously not able to collect important metrics such the number of caller hang-ups, or the input responses by callers at each prompt.  With Swami Vision, they are able to run reports that give them quantifiable and analytical insight into the behaviors and actions of their callers.   With this information, they are now able to make informed decisions that improve the customer service experience, internal operational efficiency, and can help justify future financial investments.”

The Swami Vision product is currently marketed around the Mitel Summit platform, however future plans include the expansion into other product lines.

To learn more about Swami Vision, visit the Converged Technology Professionals website, or call 877-328-7767.


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