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Converged Technology Professionals Invests in Customer Success Team

by CT-Pros News | Jul 26, 2019
Converged Technology Professionals invests in new Customer Service team to continue strengthening customer-partner relationships.

Converged Technology Professionals, a unified communications and IT consulting company has announced a new customer success team dedicated to an ongoing effort to further build and strengthen customer-partner relationships.

The Customer Success team is tasked with contacting all customers as an ongoing initiative and will utilize Zoom video conferencing and in-person meetings when appropriate to promote a face-to-face environment to provide additional value and support for developing customer relationships.

President of Business Development at Converged Technology Professionals, Joe Rittenhouse explains what customers can expect from these new initiatives, “Our strategic Customer Success team is part of our intentional efforts to ensure our customer-first focus is always maintained and that customers know we are always here as their number one advocate for success."

Rittenhouse continues, "When a company grows, oftentimes that personal touch with the customer can get lost or start to get unintentionally overlooked.  We don’t want that to ever happen with us.  We love talking with our customers and getting to know them better. They are the ones using our services and vendors we promote, so not only do we want to keep them updated on additional products or services that they might benefit from, but also give them the opportunity to provide real-time feedback and insights we may not have otherwise been made aware of.”

The formation of the team closely aligns with their emphasis on aligning companies with business process optimization strategies which starts with Converged maintaining an accurate and up-to-date understanding of changing and evolving needs of their customers.

Converged Technology Professionals is continually looking for new and innovative ways that enable their customers to implement processes and tools that increase efficiency and productivity in the workplace.  Their high standards for customer satisfaction is evidenced by their unwavering commitment to partnering with only the top industry providers.




Converged Technology Professionals is a leading I.T. business communications integrator and consultant the solves the challenges companies face by implementing effective and powerful business optimization strategies.  Our Mitel Platinum partner status and our partnership with RingCentral enables us to offer scalable solutions that improve workplace efficiency and productivity critical for ultimate customer success.   Driven by a passion for excellence and delivering only the best in products and services, Converged Technology Professionals has the expertise and extensive industry knowledge that adds indisputable value that customers appreciate and respect.

For more information about Converged Technology Professionals, please contact us online or call 877-328-7767.

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