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ShoreTel/Mitel Summit EOS and EOL - What Do You Do?

by CT-Pros News | Jan 15, 2020
Mitel announces EOS and EOL of ShoreTel Summit Platform and ShoreTel SIP Services

In December, Mitel announced in Bulletin number PB2019Dec1A  a few things that customers of their Summit and SIP service need to be aware of.

If you have not made plans to accommodate these changes, or are in the process, contact us today and we will help you find alternative solutions that will fit your business needs.

Summit CPaaS Platform is End of Sale December 15, 2019

This means that Mitel is no longer selling this platform to new customers.  If you were thinking of using the CPaaS Summit platform, contact us for an alternative

ShoreTel SIP trunk services are also End of Sale for existing customers Effective December 15, 2019

This means that they are no longer selling ShoreTel SIP services or ShoreTel SIP trunks.   So if you are a user of ShoreTel SIP and what to purchase additional trunks to accommodate extra bandwidth requirements, this will no longer be possible.

Summit CPaaS Platform & ShoreTel SIP trunk services are End of Life December 31, 2020

According to the bulletin, "Customers must migrate to an alternate 3rd party service for CPaaS type services and/or SIP trunk service prior to the retirement of the Summit platform to avoid disruptions to their business operations. Customers will be released from existing contracts effective immediately and will not incur early termination fees if leaving prior to the end of your existing contract."

If you are using ShoreTel SIP and are looking for an alternative, please contact us as we have strategic partnerships to provide you with affordable and reliable SIP Trunk alternatives. 

Mitel Has Discontinued Compliance for PCI, HIPAA or SOX for the Summit Platform

Because of the decision to EOL the Summit platform, they are also discontinuing the certification compliance for PCI, HIPAA and SOX.    Again, if you are looking for an alternative, let us know.  

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