Aerohive Partner

Aerohive specializes in delivering cloud network applications that transform the way companies manage mobility in the workplace. Their mobility platform simplifies the Wi-Fi experience through the deployment of strategic access point locations. 



Designed to be flexible with ease of use and manageability in mind, businesses can create customized applications that provide important business-impacting insights which lead to reduced costs, increased revenue, and an improved user experience. 

Designed for Mobility

Mobility in the workplace removes restrictions often experienced by businesses that have outdated networks or that do not understand how to fully configure and optimize their existing complex networks.   Our customers appreciate the knowledge and resources our team brings to the table when we address these types of issues.



Reliable Networks

More businesses are looking for solutions that allow employees and workers to better access both public and private networks without the concern of poor connectivity and weak security.  When our customers turn to us for advice for expanding their Wi-Fi footprint, we use Aerohive to make their goals a reality.

Network Status Monitoring

Aerohive makes certain you are able to access key information and data regarding your network health status, speed, and location connectivity through the use of their powerful APIs. 



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