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Sophisticated Software-Defined Storage for the Enterprise

DataCore, the Pioneer of Software-Defined Storage is trusted by over 10,000 customers globally by offering solutions that fit to the needs of varying business needs. 

Start utilizing the capabilities of a sophisticated data storage and recovery solution that drives business continuity and flexible data storage management.  As your DataCore partner, we'll make sure your data storage and management needs are fully met.


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Continual Data Protection

Down-time due to power outages is one thing, but when malware and ransomware attacks happen on a business's network, it can be more than devastating.   With CDP (continual data protection), DataCore writes every I/O change so you can roll back your data right up to the moment prior to the attack.   Don't stress. Ask us about CDP.

Need High Availability? How does Nine Nines Sound?

DataCore delivers high availability with 24x7 uptime for SAP and warehouse management systems, a Disaster Recovery location with integrated asynchronous mirrored site, plus single management of heterogeneous storage solutions.  Get the SLA that makes sense for your business needs. 



Modernize Your Data Management

Modernizing your data storage is critical in the age of massive data consumption.   With a software defined storage solution, you are in control with complete flexibility at your fingertips.  Protect your business data with the most mature and reliable data storage and management solution.  

Wasted Storage Capacity? Problem Solved!

DataCore provides the ability to manage multiple hardware vendors using single-pane glass view.  This gives you the most flexibility to choose the storage that makes most business sense.  You're in control of your data storage because you know your data best.



Evolve as You Grow Model

Other storage solutions are often limited due to the lack of scaling options and limited flexibility.  With DataCore's software-defined model, it's easy to scale and evolve as needed. No more and no less than what you decide for your business needs.


47% of companies using DataCore SDS were able to reduce storage spending by 50% or more.  You can too.

Your cost savings with software-defined storage is due to software-based data storage management, only adding external storage as needed and not upfront, no need to replace all your hardware as you evolve, avoid vendor hardware EOLs, and enjoy a simplified management environment that takes the complexity out of your storage and archival needs.

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