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Converged Technology Professionals has earned the status of being a Mitel Platinum partner.  We have extensive experience helping businesses and contact centers develop full scale solutions as their Mitel support partner.  

Mitel is a leading global UCaaS provider who in 2017 acquired ShoreTel along with the ShoreTel 14.2 and Connect PBX. We have extensive experience helping businesses benefit from their onsite PBX which is now the current Mitel MiVoice Connect phone and unified communications platform.  

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There are plenty of Mitel vendors and partners from which to choose, so what sets us apart? When businesses come to us to be their IT partner, that's what they get, an actual partner that’s dedicated to their success. Here at Converged Technology Professionals, we are not your generic IT and phone supplier that processes order requests and leaves the majority of the work for you to figure out.  

We are your go-to Mitel partner for consulting, feedback, analysis, networking, configurations, sales orders, upgrades, and other important needs specific for your business. 

We’re a Mitel Solutions Partner That Understands Your Business Needs 

As your Mitel support partner, we look at your business with a deep understanding of best practices and infrastructure requirements.   Our years of experience enables us to take into consideration your business requirements and strategic goals that need to be met.  The stand-out difference between Converged Technology Professionals and other Mitel resellers is our commitment to being a hands-on extension of your IT department and leadership teams. 

By partnering together, you will receive personal consultative advisement and guidance about your Mitel solutions roadmap for now and for the future.   We’ll also work with you to ensure your business is equipped with the right set of communication and collaboration tools that will empower your employees, service your customers, and maximize your ultimate success.  


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A Mitel Partner That Understands Your Challenges of Today 

We have customers that have a national and global presence.  With the growing popularity of remote work environments, customers are turning to us for guidance to make it possible for employees to work from home or the office as needed.   

Together we work to build a logical, practical and strategic plan for helping your business achieve the reliability and flexibility it needs whether is migrating to the cloud, staying on-premise with your Mitel solutions or incorporating a hybrid approach.  

Mitel Support for National & Global Businesses  

As your Mitel PBX partner, we will treat you no different than some of our largest brands and organizations we support from Jefferson County Public Schools to Brunswick and the Milwaukee Brewers.  You can check out our customers here and read their success stories: 

Additionally, the Mitel support you receive is from our experienced network engineers that are both ShoreTel and Mitel certified.  They are dedicated to superior customer service and support, along with a genuine desire to ensure your systems are operating at optimal performance. 

Understanding Mitel Support Plans 

As your partner, we will make sure your support plan is appropriate for your business goals.  Our Mitel support plans are offered in 1, 2 and 3 year agreements.   

You’ll want to contact us for a quote if you are looking to for a new partner, (called a Change of Partner) and ask about our buy-out options.  You have the option to choose one of our support plans where we provide the support directly for you, or you can choose Enterprise Support which is where we’re your partner, but you communicate directly with Mitel for direct vendor support.  

The types of plans we offer are: 

  • Time and Materials (T&M) - billed on a time and materials basis, and your PBX support is provided by our team of support engineers. 

  • Standard plans (not T&M) - not T&M, and your PBX support is provided by our team of support engineers. 

  • Enterprise plans - this agreement are for businesses that prefer to work directly with Mitel support, by opening tickets through the Mitel support portal.   

For further details about each support plan available (these may change over time), please contact us directly

There’s a lot to consider when choosing the right plan because we want to make sure you are getting the level of service you need.  You might be overpaying for your plans, or you might need to reevaluate if you don’t believe your existing plan is providing the level of attention you require.   

For example, not all enterprise companies go with Enterprise support because they know that our engineers are acutely familiar with their PBX configurations and infrastructure.  This level of intimate knowledge and understanding can be a huge benefit for delivering faster resolutions. 

A Partner that Understands More than Your PBX 

Our team is more than a group of engineers, we are consultants and project managers with years of industry experience.  That allows us to look at your business holistically and make recommendations that other Mitel dealers wouldn’t realize.  We understand your communications infrastructure, your contact center goals, your future plans and what is most important to you.   We’ll work together to make sure those goals are met, whether it’s integrations with 3rd parties, improved workflows and call routing, or even customized training for your employees or IT Administrators. 


No matter where your workforce is located, you can keep everyone within easy reach with the right collaboration and communication tools. 

From audio, web, and video conferencing options to secure applications, Converged Technology Professionals, a trusted Mitel Partner, makes it easy to align the right collaboration solutions that best serve your organization's unique needs.  


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