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Businesses looking for a seamless collaboration solution for increasing workplace efficiency and productivity within their organization rely on our expertise to transform their unique communication needs and goals into reality.  We work with you from start to finish ensuring your system is properly optimized to allow your employees to collaborate and perform their jobs with greater enthusiasm and productivity.

Increase Employee Productivity
With Collaboration Tools

The MiCollab solution works with both MiVoice and MiCloud platforms making sure your entire workforce is able to seamlessly work together with greater collaboration and faster communications.  By using MiCollab and its UC and information sharing features, employees, customers and prospects all experience the benefits.

Compatibility with multiple mobile and desktop devices, convenient and quick insight to the availability presence of co-workers, plus easy access to files and communications when and where they need it, your employees will be able to work more productively and efficiently.  To learn more about Mitel's collaboration tools, contact us today.

Experience Truly Seamless
Unified Communications

MiCollab is a Mitel communications tool that combines your unified communications into a single easy to use client application. Your employees will experience greater productivity as they quickly communicate with other members of the organization by using time-saving features such as presence, video calling, and IM.

Unified communication features are accessible through your desktop client, softphone app, or supported iOS and Android mobile devices.  Since MiCollab can be conveniently accessed from a variety of ways, employees will not be limited in their ability to experience these productivity-enhancing benefits regardless of location.



Create Conferences
Quickly and Conveniently

Easily plan, create and manage multiple conference meetings for audio conferences, web-based meeting or video conferencing purposes.   Whether meeting with fellow team members, clients or prospects, MiCollab provides conferencing features such as remote desktop control, screen sharing, public and private chats, file transfers and many more features perfect for presentations and collaboration.

Conferences can be set up as ad-hoc for on-the-fly impromptu meetings or scheduled for one time or recurring instances.   These conferencing tools integrate with Microsoft Outlook making conference creation convenient from within the Outlook software. 

Improve Project Management
With Team Collaboration Workspaces

When team project management is a must, Mitel’s MiTeam can be used for creating a team group workspace for easier collaboration and organization.  Team members can conduct chats, group meetings, file sharing and other tasks individually or through a team stream which displays and stores all user activities for future reference and referral.

Since MiTeam is designed for true team collaboration, users can install the MiTeam client app on iOS or Android mobile devices making it stay in touch with the latest team interactions.   All conversations that take place through the MiTeam app are conveniently mirrored across all devices in real-time, keeping everyone up to date without missing important communications due to sync delays. 


Flexible Deployment Options
with Your Onsite PBX

With your Mitel onsite PBX, your business can enjoy the MiCollab solution deployed either onsite or in the cloud.   As your team grows or your needs and communication requirements change over time, the MiCollab solution can accommodate those changes easily with you.

Administrative management of the MiCollab software is easy with intuitive screens for IT managers to access and make changes as needed.  The MiCollab solution can be accessed through multiple mobile devices making it even easier to collaborate with other members of our organization.  To learn which deployment option is best for you, contact us today.

Conveniently Install
 MiCollab on Multiple Devices

The MiCollab solution is designed to make collaboration a truly seamless experience for all your users with multi-device install and feature compatibility.  Whether desktop computers, tablets, phablets, or iOS or Android cell phones, users can work without giving up the convenience of using the device of their choice.

MiCollab enables employees to spend their days efficiently without wasting valuable time struggling with slow or nonintegrated 3rd party communication tools and devices. Everything is located in one single application regardless of where the employee is located or what device they are using.



Mitel MiCollab is about utilizing integrated tools that can positively impact your business communications and collaboration efforts and processes.  When choosing a unified communications system, it's important to choose one that meets your current needs, but also prepares for the future.  

As a Platinum Mitel Partner, we help you do exactly that.

To learn more about how we can help your business, please contact us today.


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