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Comparing call center solutions? Trying to choose the appropriate VoIP contact center for your business? 

We help businesses like yours determine the right Mitel contact center and unified communications solution that aligns with their strategic business goals.  But we don't stop there.   We take pride in providing ongoing quality support that exceeds industry standards time and time again. 

As a Platinum Mitel Partner, our customers trust us because of our depth of knowledge, experience, and our unwavering passion for delivering the highest levels of customer service and support.   

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Choose The Right Contact Center
Solution for Your Business Needs

When considering a Mitel call center (formerly ShoreTel call center), Mitel gives you the ability to choose the appropriate MiContact Center solution which most closely aligns with your business strategies.  Their core contact center platforms are MiContact Center Office, MiContact Center Business, and MiContact Center Enterprise. 

Each platform provides the appropriate common features, functionalities and optional add-ons that are suitable for to each business's unique goals.  From start-ups with less than 100 agents to multi-networked global deployments with 30,000 agents, Mitel's contact center solutions can deliver. Contact us today to learn more about Mitel. 

Provide Better Service with
Intelligent Routing and Workflows

Routing inbound inquiries to the right agent at the first try greatly increases the quality of service your callers will experience.   Intelligent routing can route inquiries by utilizing a variety of statistical data such as historical call volumes, agent skill set, or routing to the previous agent used for the contact. 

Workflow routing improves the efficiency and effectiveness of servicing inbound inquiries received through multiple channels beyond inbound phone calls.  Email, web chats, SMS, social media and even fax can be routed to the most appropriate agent making it convenient and fast for customers and prospects to quickly get the answers they are looking for.

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Use Reports and Monitoring
to Stay Ahead of Problems

MiContact Center's real-time and historical reporting capabilities provide the data necessary for improving workflow fluidity, communication, and agent productivity.  Managers and supervisor will gain greater insight into operational metrics such as call costs, trunk usage, historical and real-time call traffic and patterns.

In addition to reports, MiContact Center offers real-time monitoring that alerts managers of specific thresholds and warnings so quick action can be taken to correct the situation whether it's related to agent scheduling, system anomalies, or workflow routing adjustments. 

Increase Your Contact Center
Stability and Resiliency

Mitel contact center (formerly ShoreTel contact center) solutions can be installed in virtualized environments using VMWare, Hyper V, and Citrix, thereby reducing hardware requirements and costs, increasing redundancy and making it easier to manage, backup, and restore as needed.  

MiContact Center can also be deployed in a multi-tenant architecture which utilizes shared resources such as load balancers, gateways, and other components.  A multi-tenant architecture provides a shared environment for users to access backend resources, making it easier for global enterprises in multi-networked environments and locations to manage, deploy and monitor.   To learn more contact us today.

Improve Customer Experiences
with Integrated IVR Technology

Mitel’s automated interactive voice response technology works alongside the MiContact Center solution by interacting with inbound callers in a way that delivers greater operational efficiency and an overall improved caller experience.  Mitel IVRs self-service capabilities allowing customers to perform time-saving tasks at their convenience without agent involvement, such as pay by phone functionality, updating personal accounts or completing post-call surveys to name a few.

IVRs can work with the existing workflows in place with an intuitive customizable drag-and-drop graphical interface making it easy for managers to better service their callers and reduce the call load of their agents.   To learn more about expanding your contact center capabilities, contact us today.


Integration with 3rd Party
Solutions Increases Productivity

MiContact Center conveniently integrates with popular business software applications such as Salesforce and other CRMs, providing your agents easy access to relevant customer information and historical activity.  These integrations lead to operational efficiency that enables your contact center to run smoothly and productively. 

Agents can perform routine tasks with greater speed such as click to call functionality for outbound calling whether for campaigns or reaching out to clients.   In addition, inbound calls and inquiries can be handled with shorter hold times since agents don’t have to spend precious minutes looking up and retrieving account information while the caller waits.

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Whether your business is a small, medium, or a global enterprise, deploying a well optimized Mitel solution involves proper planning, configuration, and implementation. 

We don't expect you to do it on your own.  We have trained professionals who can help your business navigate through the entire process from start to finish, and beyond. 


To learn more about how we can help your business, please contact us today.


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