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SIP Trunking is a growing and accepted way for businesses to securely send and receive calls through a PBX over the internet.  ShoreTel Connect SIP Trunking can be used whether you use an onsite PBX or their hosted phone solution.

With its many advantages and rapid adoption rate, SIP Trunking has become increasingly more common and sophisticated for businesses world-wide.  

 Greater Voice Quality

 To use SIP you must have SIP compatible phones which are able to interpret and process the digital voice packets.
As a result of this newer technology, callers experience higher quality sound and call reliability.  ShoreTel phones are 100% SIP compatible.

  Cost Savings

When you choose to use SIP Trunking you will typically experience a significant decrease in your telecom expenses.


This is due to the nature of SIP which is not dependent on hardware limitations found with PRIs or T1s which only accommodate a limited number of call paths/voice lines.  



Convenient Call Path Flexibility

 With ShoreTel you have the ability to increase or decrease the number of call paths when your business needs change.


This means you have greater flexibility to make changes quickly and conveniently as needed.

Your Single Source for Voice

While many other SIP Providers integrate or are certified with various phone vendors, ShoreTel is an all in one solution able to supply all your voice needs.

This simplifies configuration, implementation and troubleshooting.  


ShoreTel SIP Trunking Might Be a Good Fit for You If...

grchkmrkYou want to lower your telecom expenses

grchkmrkYou want to work with an all in one solution

grchkmrkYou want to have the choice to add/remove call paths when needed, not at the end of a long term contract





As a Platinum ShoreTel Partner, we become your one stop shop for your SIP Trunking and phone provider needs. 

We will help you with your configurations and since we fully understand the complexities that many businesses do not have the time or internal resources to deal with, we work directly with ShoreTel on your behalf for any issues which require their involvement.


To learn more about ShoreTel SIP Trunking and their phone systems for your organization, please contact us today.

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