Call Center Visual Displays that Work with ShoreTel Connect

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SJS develops Optymyse Contact Center Information Software which displays real time call center metrics, custom messaging, and personal branding on visual displays to improve customer engagement in productive and positive ways. 



Integrate with ShoreTel Connect

Optymyse provides integrated access with ShoreTel's Connect platform solutions.  Key data metrics such as calls waiting, response times, and customer feedback are displayed on a digital dashboard.

Convenient Visual Display Options

SJS's software displays detailed call center metrics on multiple digital displays such as wallboards, TVs, mobile devices, or tablets making it easy for everyone in the organization to know what's going on at any given moment in time. 



Real Time Data 

Data is updated per second allowing everyone from call agents to top management to have a clear and consistent understanding of how call operations are performing at that moment.  Data is designed to encourage agent behavior and create an inclusive and happy community.



Custom Dashboard Templates

Optymyse comes delivered with 20+ custom templates that can be modified to include agent birthdays, success statements, customer feedback comments, and more. Standard boring metrics are now replaced with easy to read dashboards that lead to boosting and sustaining agent morale.



Empower with Motivation

Optymyse is designed to promote a positive atmosphere among all agents through the recognition of team achievements and positive customer feedback responses.  The software provides access to ongoing training materials and resources so agents can grow in knowledge and confidence.

Reduce Agent Disengagement

Opytmyse encourages agent involvement and engagement through creative messaging, consistent positive branding, and access to social media tools for interacting with the online community.  By increasing agent engagement, agent turn-over and associated costs are greatly reduced.

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