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Mitel delivers reliable and secure phone and communication solutions designed to specifically address the safety and security concerns facing those in our K-12 schools and education system.  Being prepared with the right communication systems is critical to keeping your students and staff safe from unforeseen events whether extreme weather notifications, active shooter alerts, or other unexpected situations.

We support more schools than any other Mitel partner.  We will work with you to ensure your school is properly networked, optimized, and supported to meet the communication demands of today's modern age.

Using Mitel Solutions to Improve Safety and Communications for K-12 Education

Solutions for Emergency
and Lock Down Situations

When emergency situations occur whether inside school facilities or outside on campus grounds, it's important to deliver notification alerts quickly and without delay.  Campus-wide alerts such as active shooter and lock down situations to severe weather notifications, Mitel's communication solutions help promote and protect the safety of all students and staff.

Paging and Bell
Schedule Automation

Mitel's communication and phone solutions for K-12 schools integrate with advanced technologies to automate the routine tasks of paging and bell scheduling.  Automation decreases staff workload allowing for a more efficient use of time and resources.   This in turn enables staff to invest their time where it matters most.


Mitel systems for the education K-12 industry are designed to provide you with a smooth transition experience when moving from an older infrastructure to an IP network.  During the transition, you can keep your existing network in place while we gradually migrate you to VoIP, ensuring minimal to no disruption.

Google Classroom
Integration with Mitel

Integrate Google Classroom with Mitel's communication solutions to expand the reach of education beyond the K-12 classroom for purposes such as distance learning, tutoring, and mentoring initiatives.  

and Mobility

Enabling mobile technology provides security, IT support, teachers, and school officials with convenient ways to always be reachable with features such as hot desking, messaging and more.

Conferencing and Collaboration

Mitel systems can be configured to provide easy to use conferencing and collaboration tools for improving communication and availability between staff members and their phone system regardless if they are in the office or remote.

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Improving Student and Staff Safety with the Right Communication Systems

Every Classroom Equipped for Communications

When an emergency situation occurs, it is critical that every teacher has the means for both in and outbound communication. Using IP phones in each room with messaging and malicious call tag and text messaging keeps them connected to those outside the classroom.  Mitel solutions offer the right deployment infrastructure and communication technologies designed so everyone is well equipped and prepared when the unexpected occurs.

School-Wide Paging

Installing advanced paging systems that can be used for communications within individual rooms, school-wide broadcasts is another method of keeping staff and pupils safe and protected with faster communications. 

Emergency Auto-Attendant

Use a dedicated emergency auto-attendant that automatically updates the recorded voice message with real-time changes to inform callers of important and informative updates such as school closures or health alerts. 


Onsite trained personnel can quickly respond to 911 calls which are dispatched via an onsite notification system and dispatch facilities.  Providing ways for faster communications enables faster response times to emergency situations. 

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Why Us?

Our business is based on providing the best level of support and service to our customers.  Our passion for excellence and pursuit to always be the best is what has made us successful as a Mitel partner.  That's why we chose our VoIP Swami to represent our experience and knowledge.  To learn more why our customers choose us, read here.


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We are only a call or email away.  If you'd like to learn more about our support services for the education community, let us know and we'll be glad to speak with you.   We provide support for the largest K-12 education school district in Kentucky and we can do the same for you.   Call (877) 328-7767 or contact us today.  




Our commitment is to provide you with the support and reliability your school district and educational institution demands.  As your partner, we become your advocate, standing by you and with you, addressing your questions, offering advice and feedback, and supporting your goals until completion.  


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