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A Deeper Look at Avaya’s Enterprise Cloud Office

A Deeper Look at Avaya’s Enterprise Cloud Office


For many large businesses, Avaya is synonymous with enterprise communications and collaboration.   A unified communication platform such as Avaya Cloud Office (ACO) simplifies day-to-day communications throughout your workforce so your team can remain focused on larger, more important challenges.  By keeping your workforce connected on any device, in any location, it opens the doors to achieving all your mission-critical goals at a much faster, more efficient pace. 

The Instant Appeal of Avaya Cloud Office 

The power of Avaya Cloud Office by RingCentral combines talk, text, fax, collaboration, file sharing and more into one place in the cloud.  Instead of separate applications, there is a single interface for users to collaborate throughout their workday, whether it’s through desktop, a mobile app or a web browser. 

ACO also reduces gaps in communications to facilitate remote work.  With connectivity through an application plus over 100 business integrations, employees keep the tools they know and love while simplifying how they’re used.  It’s also packed with analytics and advanced reporting features that organizations need to thrive. 

The Migration Process to Avaya Cloud Office 

Thanks to the open partnership between Avaya and RingCentral, Avaya users are allowed to keep their existing representatives after migrating to the ACO platform.  The migration process itself is also simplified in porting over existing phone numbers and extensions to user profiles, which requires licensing per seat.  Users can then choose from configurations ranging from an Avaya IP hard phone to softphones via the Avaya Cloud Office app on a PC, tablet or smart device. 

Improving Customer Loyalty Through an Omnichannel-Powered Contact Center


For enterprises currently using Teams, it can be integrated into Avaya Cloud Office through a 3rd party API and used directly within the ACO environment.  This is an excellent option since users keep the familiarity of Teams while also delivering crystal-clear call quality through RingCentral.  Click here to see a demonstration of the integration process. 

Additionally, RingCentral and Avaya have simplified user adoption by creating intuitive dashboards and interfaces that require minimal learning.  Training is provided for both users and administrators in separate sessions, where common tasks and shortcuts are taught through live demonstrations.  Our team at Converged Technology Professionals offers highly personalized trainings that are presented live in multiple sessions, then hosted online for training future employees or refresher sessions. 

Avaya Cloud Office with RingCentral Contact Center 

Large businesses and enterprises that are looking to integrate a cloud contact center with Avaya Cloud Office have the option of including RingCentral Contact Center, which is provided by Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader NICE in-Contact.  Our team is uniquely qualified to guide Avaya customers on combining ACO and RingCentral Contact Center for a unified communications platform; call us at 877-328-7767 to learn more or schedule a custom demo of either platform. 


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A Deeper Look at Avaya’s Enterprise Cloud Office

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