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Converged Technology Professionals, an award winning ShoreTel partner, helps businesses strengthen and improve their communications and network infrastructure.  With their help businesses throughout the Midwest have saved money, increased ROI, and experienced overall company-wide improvements. Contact the CT-Pros team today to learn more about how their services can help your business. 

Unified Communications




Whether you need to streamline and unify your business communication applications and devices for traveling sales teams or for remote workers, we specialize in developing the right cost-effective solution for your communication and connectivity needs.  Learn More...

Contact Call Center




It's important that your call center is powered by the best system to provide streamlined integrations with your unified communications tools.  That's why we rely on ShoreTel's flexible state of the art contact center solutions that integrate with popular CRM platforms, offer customized routing, and include monitoring and redundancy features.  Learn More...



IT Network Consulting


Network Consulting


We provide customized network solutions that are tailored to fit your personalized business needs.  Whether considering WAN, LAN, or a hybrid of both, our level of expertise will ensure the best solution is properly and securely implemented from conception to installation and ongoing support.  Learn More...

Network Virtualization




Utilizing virtual machines to manage multiple business applications increases performance, manageability and offers cost saving benefits.   As a certified VMware Partner, we work with you to recognize these benefits and many more... including a very happy IT department.  Learn More...


Disaster Recovery


Disaster Recovery and Backup


If you think your files are safe in a locked filing cabinet, or on a local hard drive, think again. The best way to protect your data is to keep digital back ups in a secure off site location where you can easily retrieve backed up data files as needed. With our WeVault services, we can help you do exactly that.  Learn More... 



As our customer we want your business to succeed, and we know having the right communications in place is critical to your success.  When you choose CT-Pros, you get more than an IT partner, you get exceptional value, above standards quality, and over the top customer service.     

To learn how we can help you and your communication needs, request a consultation today.  

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