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Businesses are looking for digital technologies to transform their contact center into a single cloud-based cohesive unified solution that improves the customer experience and agent efficiency.  With a new generation of cloud based contact centers businesses are migrating away from onprem solutions and enjoying the benefits of cloud.

Cloud Contact Centers and the Wholistic Approach

Contact centers have evolved to bring together multiple channels such as SMS, web chat, email, phone, and even fax all under one roof.  Agents and managers can have a 360 degree view of all interactions regardless of which communications channel the customer uses.

Migrating to a new contact center in the cloud takes considerable planning and strategy to ensure a smooth transition.  Converged Technology Professionals provides a wholistic approach including business process optimization, network and infrastructure analysis, consultation, implementation and training. 

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Collaboration is at the core of efficient and productive communication between agents.   Whether having a supervisor join a call or assist with answering a chat, unified collaboration offers undisrupted customer service regardless of where your agents or the customer may be located. 

Omnichannel Experience

Omnichannel experiences mean that all communications from a customer regardless of the channel it was on (such as SMS, web chat, email, or a phone call) are visible to agents.  This enables agents to pick up on one channel where a previous channel of communication left off, thus providing a true omnichannel experience.



 Remote Contact Center Agents? No Problem!

One of the many benefits businesses experience is the freedom to hire qualified agents regardless of their geographic location.  Not only that, but the cloud allows you to unify all your employees and offices in a single system with integrated communications.  

Integrated 3rd Party Systems

When working with 3rd party integrations, our cloud vendors provide APIs to integrate between the contact center and other business applications.  Whether CRMs, financial software, or software specific to industries such as manufacturing or retail, cloud solutions make it easier to do more customization and integrations than previous on-prem solutions. 

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Cloud Contact Center Costs

Businesses experience an overall savings when operating their contact center in the cloud.   While initial costs need to be considered, so do the significant savings and ROI when no longer confronted with additional costs associated with expansions, new agents, scaling support and hardware requirements and maintenance. 

Scaling Agents Couldn't Be Easier

Scaling up or down can happen at a moment's notice, however contact centers that operate in the cloud issues such as geographic restrictions, or hardware and infrastructure limitations are no longer a hindrance. 



We don't expect you to migrate to a cloud based contact center solution on your own.  We have trained professionals who can help your business navigate through the entire process from start to finish, and even beyond.  


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