Why Do Customers Choose Us as Their Partner?

All of us at Converged Technology Professionals wear the title of Partner with great pride.  When you choose us as your Partner we are honored and we take the responsibility seriously. Our business ethos is to provide every customer superior quality that goes far above and beyond the standard norm each and every day.  

That's how we built this company and why every staff member is dedicated to serving you with only the best in everything that we do. 


Customer-Salvation Army
Customer-RA Smith
Customer- Diggers Hotline
Customer - Illinois Poison Control
Customer- Kloss Distributors
Customer - CanAm Hockey
Customer-Private Bank
Customer-Sea Ray
Customer-Life Fitness
Customer-Jasper Engines
Customer-Mercury Marine


Our customers receive a level of service you won't find with nearly any other partner in this industry.  We know when it comes to servicing customers it's about reliability, availability, and integrity.  

Our team is highly skilled and trained to work with you from initial assessment and evaluation to implementation and support.  With us you won't get just another phone system, you get a solution that solves your problems and achieves your goals.  


There's a reason why we choose to use a Swami as part of our image.  That's because it represents the knowledge and experience our team possesses.

We eat, live, and breathe everything there is to know about the products we sell and support.  It's our passion.

That's why when you have questions, problems, or need general advice, you talk directly with us, no one else.  We never ever outsource our support.  



Quality Partners

If we want the best for our customers we have to use the best vendors.  We only partner with companies that meet our above industry service standards.  

We consider ourselves advocates for each of our customers, making sure they only ever receive the best service, products, and treatment.  We aren't satisfied with second best... we demand the best.

We've ditched partners that failed to live up to those standards because we are loyal to our customers.  We demand the best not just from ourselves, but also those who want to work alongside us. 


Anyone can talk a good talk, but where's the proof to back it up? We can confidently say we are one of the best ShoreTel partners in the world because we have the accomplishments, awards, and clientele to prove it. 

We have received every ShoreTel award possible, including the prestigious elite Circle of Excellence award which is only given to the top ten partners in the U.S. We've also received the Global Partner of the Year award, and to add to all that, we are a top Platinum ShoreTel partner.  

Our customers trust us to deliver on our promises, and so can you. 


If you're in the market for one of the best IT partners who stands not behind, but with you and your business 24x7, contact us today.

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