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Converged Technology Professionals helps businesses deliver exceptional caller experiences and enhanced customer communications through the use of powerful custom IVR, post-call surveys and SMS applications.

As a Twilio partner, we will build your custom voice applications to turn your goals into realities through our programming and development services. call us today or contact us online for a consultation.


Reduce Wait Times by Using Convenient Self-Service IVRs

Custom IVR applications can be designed to offer customers the ability to conveniently self-manage their accounts.  By using interactive voice response technology, customers can choose to pay their bills, check account balances, and update important information without speaking with a live call agent or representative. 

Employing the use of self-service options reduces the call load agents have to handle, thereby allowing them to better service the callers that do need to speak with an agent.  

Offering fast and easy 24x7 account management access provides the type of on-demand service customers have come to expect.  

Create Surveys to Capture Valuable User Experience Feedback

Capturing valuable feedback from customers and callers through post-call surveys and help businesses provide improved customer service.

Post-call surveys can be customized to suit your business's unique purposes.  From rating the politeness of the service representative to rating the speed of resolution.  The feedback provided can be useful for managers to improve internal processes such as additional training and work force optimization strategies.

All data can be captured and viewed through our SwamiVision IVR reporting application.  Let us know how we can help!



Don't Miss a Call When Using Advanced IVR Call Routing

Advanced IVR call routing is a perfect solution for businesses that want to ensure calls are always answered by a live agent, even during heavy inbound call traffic intervals.

Callers expect service in a timely fashion and leaving messages in voicemail boxes or being left on hold for an unforeseen length of time is becoming less and less acceptable.

These issues can impact your company image and leave a negative impression for callers and customers.   That's why we work with you to determine the best method for delivering and routing calls based on statistical analysis of your call traffic and flow.   

We can develop custom IVRs specific to your business that can be programmed to route calls to alternate departments or locations as necessary so callers can always reach a live agent. 

Analyze Performance with Advanced IVR Survey Technology

What good is a custom application that's designed to improve customer satisfaction, empower marketing initiatives, or streamline processes when you can't run key reports to analyze the success rate?   

That's why as your Partner, we deliver more than just programming services.  We go above and beyond by not just helping you achieve your goals, but we provide a way to measure the success of your application through our Swami Vision Reporting API

We understand how important data metrics are for your business, whether running successful promotional campaigns, monitoring contact center call flows, or any other purpose you might have. 

Our developers will provide standard and custom reports that you can use to track key metrics and analytics such as hold times, survey abandon rates, or any other important information pertinent to your custom application.


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Extend Your Voice & SMS Application to Align with Workflows

The options are limitless when it comes to voice and SMS custom development using APIs.     

We will work with you to integrate communications into your existing workflows, or create new ones to achieve the goals of your business.  

Include messaging into your workflows for important scenarios such as appointment reminders, notifications, billing alerts, or links to online surveys.  

Simplify Workflows by Integrating IVRs with Other Software Programs

By integrating your IVR, voice, or SMS application with other solutions used within your organization, you can eliminate extra tasks and processes that are unnecessary and time-consuming.

Let automation work for your best interests by providing faster account record updating, instant renewal and activation services, system alert notifications, and so much more. 

We can create ways to process the data from your custom built application to the appropriate back end system within your organization.

Reach More Markets with Global Toll Free Services and Phone Numbers

Utilize international toll-free and local DID services in 113 countries so you can strategically reach your target audience regardless of location.

With a solid telecommunications infrastructure built on carrier-class networks and equipment, you receive quality service and up-time.

Organizations with a multi-national presence, or looking to expand their footprint in other countries can use local numbers specific to the regions in which they conduct business.

Having local numbers provides convenience and assurance for callers located in those geographic areas, making it easier to grow your business and clientele.

If you're wanting to reach more markets, let us know and we will be glad to help.





We pride ourselves on never selling cookie cutter pre-built phone systems.  We do much more.  We provide consulting and analysis services to help you determine what your needs are, and how to meet those needs while preparing for the future.

With that information we create communications solutions that are tailored individually for your business. 

To learn more how we can help your business, please contact us today.

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