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How to Set Up Simultaneous Ring in Mitel Connect Client

Sep 30, 2019

How to Setup Simultaneous Ring

Here’s another great video from our Tech Swami team here at Converged Technology Professionals!

The featured video, How to Set Up Mitel Connect Client Simultaneous Ring will step you through how you as the end user can have better control over the way your phone handles your calls.

We've also included step by step written instructions below.



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What is Simultaneous Ring? 

Unlike call forwarding where the call will bypass your office phone, simultaneous ring is the ability to have inbound calls ring to both your office phone and to two other phone devices at the same time.

Hence the term, “simultaneous ring”.

The other numbers you are using do not have to be external numbers such as cell phones, they can be internal extensions.

Why would you want multiple phones to ring at the same time?

Using this feature in Mitel Connect is very helpful for users that are frequently away from their desks and yet want to have availability to answer any calls that ring their office phone.  

Simultaneous ringing is a favorite feature for sales reps for example.  Sales reps have a strong need to always be at the desk, so to speak, to avoid missing any important potential sales calls.  

The last-minute question a potential customer has before signing a contract, or perhaps a customer is placing an order for new phones and they need them shipped quickly yet the order cut off time is in 15 minutes… right before the end of day. 

In today’s mobile world of communications, simultaneous ring is very important and enables employees such as sales reps or traveling executives to be more efficient with their time and be more responsive to their customers or prospects.

There are additional call handling functions, however this is just one of many ways to put the tried and true sentiment of work smarter, not harder to practice… and with great rewards!

How to configure Simultaneous Ring in the Mitel Connect Client

  1. Inside your Connect Client, go to Settings
  2. Click on Call Routing
  3. Choose the Call Handling state you want to use the simultaneous ring for.Yep – you can have this option for specific states such as when you are set to Available, Away, etc.
  4. Check the Allow Simultaneous Ring checkbox
  5. Choose or enter your desired phone number along with a description
  6. Enter the option you want for the number of times it rings, whether you want it to auto answer when you pick up , or to press 1 to answer the call.Keep in mind when choosing “1” for Mitel to connect the call, the caller is still hearing the phone ring during that time.
  7. Press Select
  8. Hit Save
  9. Close out the Settings window and you’re all set!


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